Planet Love - DJ Quicksilver 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dj Quicksilver Planet Love Original Cover Artwork of Dj Quicksilver Planet Love Where is Planet Love? According to DJ Quicksilver it is a roiling ball of lava deep in space. Most of us would equate the planet of love as being Venus, however, as this is the most widely recognized planet with love-based credentials. So let us take a look at the surface of planet love and see if we can find out why it gets its reputation. On the remix we can see a babe strung out across the ultra-hot surface (making her ultra-hot too). Now the credentials become clear. Sulfur!
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Sight For Sore Eyes - M People 

Original Cover Artwork of M People Sight For Sore Eyes Cover Artwork Remix of M People Sight For Sore Eyes Cover Artwork Remix of M People Sight For Sore Eyes
Another triple-play from us here at AllBum.Art from those burly Brits, M People and their surly song Sight For Sore Eyes. (Note: they aren't really burly and the song isn't surly but the alliteration sounded nice!) What it is about the original cover that would make a sight for sore eyes is not clear, but on the two remixes there are things which definitely sooth the optic organs. (Enough with the alliteration already). Surprise!
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Agadoo - Black Lace 

Cover Artwork Remix of Black Lace Agadoo Original Cover Artwork of Black Lace Agadoo Agadoo doo doo, push pineapple, shake the tree. Now come on, Black Lace, what exactly were you on when you put the lyrics for this song together? It certainly wasn't just pineapple juice. For the remix, and as we have absolutely no idea whatsoever what an agadoo is, we have instead focused on the black lace and replaced the original picture of the two wet gits with their curly girly hair with two hot babes wearing black lace. Fitting!
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National Express - The Divine Comedy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Divine Comedy National Express Original Cover Artwork of Divine Comedy National Express It looks like Randy Phillips of England has been a busy boy, as he as sent us his remix of National Express by The Divine Comedy. Randy tells us:
National Express is a coach company in the UK that people use to get from city to city, which is why the babe on the remix is standing on the aisle of a bus.

That makes sense, and explains the nature of the remix. The wheels on that bus certainly go round!
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Daybreaker - Kenny Hayes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kenny Hayes Daybreaker Original Cover Artwork of Kenny Hayes Daybreaker A trancey-trancey-bang-bang-breakdown-party type song, Daybreaker by Kenny Hayes is the kind of music you hear at a German nightclub, on a pirate radio station, or when you accidentally tune into MTV Dance. The cover does reflect, in an orange and yellow way, a daybreak, but the remix takes this to a more warming, solar-infused rendition as a babe leaves the nightclub after listening to trancey-trancey-bang-bang-breakdown-party music all night and forgets to put her clothes back on (because all of those clubs require you to be naked, right?) Arpeggio!
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Drowning In Berlin - Mobiles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mobiles Drowning In Berlin [Original Cover Artwork of Mobiles Drowning In Berlin One of those 1980's over romantic new glamorous type affairs here for Mobiles and their single Drowning In Berlin. The thing is, on the cover, there isn't so much as a drop of water in which to drown (though there are lots of overly wet people). On the remix there is just the one babe who has been caught in the rain and who is going to get very wet even under her umbrella (ella, ey, ey, ey). Is she in Berlin? That is for you to work out. Wall!
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There's No Other Way - Blur 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blur Theres No Other Way Original Cover Artwork of Blur Theres No Other Way An X-rated remix for British band Blur. On the original cover artwork for their single There's No Other Way, all we can see is the face of a baby. What were their options, and why was this the only way? On the remix we find a babe who seems to be enjoying anal sex. Why was there no other way for her to have sex? This might be due to her having no other receptacle for her lover to insert himself into. Oh, you didn't notice that? Be more careful in the future. Blurry!
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Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker 

Original Cover Artwork of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers Cover Artwork Remix of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers Cover Artwork Remix of Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers
Tommy Tucker sings about Hi-Heel Sneakers on his single and album both of the same name. To give credit where it is due, on the original cover artwork, Mr Tucker is dancing with a babe who appears to be wearing some sneakers with a high heel. We are not sure if these were a thing in 1964 or whether he made the whole thing up. In the 2010's however, there are high heel sneakers and thus on the two remixes, we find different babes wearing the aforementioned sneakers with a heel. Well to be truthful, the first babe is not wearing sneakers in the traditional sense but we very much thought her shoes looked a lot like high heel sneakers. In the second remix the babe is definitely wearing sneakers with a bit of a heel on them, but, it would seem, very little else. Trainers!
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With Arms Wide Open - Creed 

Cover Artwork Remix of Creed Arms Wide Open Original Cover Artwork of Creed Arms Wide Open Creed are apparently positioned With Arms Wide Open. At least that is what we are led to believe by the title of their song. The original single front cover artwork, though, shows only a picture of some hands, so whether their arms are also wide open is not clear. On the remix we find a large lady opening her arms wide. In doing so she has also opened her coat wide and having gotten nothing underneath her coat has revealed her wide open womanliness. With coat open wide wouldn't be such a good title for a song, would it, even if it was more accurate. Flop!
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Purple Love Balloon - Cud 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cud Purple Love Balloon Original Cover Artwork of Cud Purple Love Balloon Another flying related remix, this time from Cud and their song Purple Love Balloon (a.k.a. Flotavius Purpolis Passionatum). On the original cover we find an odd interpretation of the song's title, with the purple love balloon in question actually being an egg plant. OK, so it's purple but it's not really a balloon. On the remix we find a babe standing around holding a number of different colored balloons. So as there is no confusion, the specific purple balloon that is the love balloon is indicated by a purple arrow. Aubergine!
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