Fantasy Island - Tight Fit 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tight Fit Fantasy Island Original Cover Artwork of Tight Fit Fantasy Island Another great summer song, this time from little known British act Tight Fit. Why the remix, well easy. Kent in the 'looking for cool pictures department' found the picture of the awesome chick in the bikini and needed a cover to remix it with. Fantasy Island seemed the ideal choice as we all agreed that the chick concerned would definitely be present on any island that we could fantasize about. Caribbean?
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Summer In The City - The Lovin' Spoonful 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lovin Spoonful Summer Original Cover Artwork of Lovin Spoonful Summer Those summer songs keep on coming. This 1966 classic from The Lovin' Spoonful will be flooding out of radios from the East to the West coast as the sun beats down on the city streets. But the cover shows the band lazing on a sunny afternoon on a detached stairway to nowhere. The remix shows what summer in the city should really look like: a hot chick in a tight leotard wearing a hat. Cool (literally)!
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The Tide Is High - Blondie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blondie Tide Is High Original Cover Artwork of Blondie Tide Is High Continuing the summer holiday theme, here's a remix of the cover for New York disco groovers Blondie's 1980 single The Tide Is High. Even though a picture of Ms Harry reclining over a balcony is probably a reasonable picture for the cover, in the remix, it is clear that the high tide has washed up a summery beach babe. The only shame is that she's not a blonde, but is that really so bad?
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Diving - 4 Strings 

Cover Artwork Remix of 4 Strings Diving Original Cover Artwork of 4 Strings Diving 'A song for the summer holiday for party peoples in the world' (according to Jan VanDoelen of Rotterdam who sent us this entry). Apparently 4 Strings are a Dutch trance group and Jan thinks that the cover for their single Diving lacks an essential ingredient, that being, 'some nice girl in a diving costume'. Couldn't agree more with you Jan. Thanks for the submission and nice to know that AllBum.Art is popular in the Nether-regions of Europe!
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Shake Ur Body - Shy FX & T Power Featuring Di 

Cover Artwork Remix of Shy Fx T Power Shake Ur Body Original Cover Artwork of Shy Fx T Power Shake Ur Body Don't shake your body, Shake Ur Body, those are the instructions being given out by Shy FX & T Power Featuring Di. Saying that, the original single front cover artwork doesn't really encourage any shaking of any kind of body, as there is no example of what to do. The remix helps immensely, as we find a babe who is shaking her body, whether this is upwards, downwards or sideways is not clear, but her body is very clear as other than her high heel shoes, the rest of her body is unencumbered by any other clothing. Revealing!
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High Life - Modern Romance 

Cover Artwork Remix of Modern Romance High Life Original Cover Artwork of Modern Romance High Life Best Years Of Our Life? No, that's a different song by Modern Romance. This song is High Life. On the original single front cover artwork, all we can deduce is that the two band members like to whisper into each other's ears. On the remix we find a babe who is preparing for a high life, 30,000 ft high that is. She is boarding a private jet, and it's a good job it's private as she has her privates on show which is probably not allowed on a commercial airliner, even if it might be quite popular. Climb!
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Set Me Free - Jaki Graham 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jaki Graham Set Me Free Original Cover Artwork of Jaki Graham Set Me Free Set Me Free, those are the instructions that Jaki Graham is giving to us. The thing is that on the original single cover artwork, Ms Graham looks very free as she dances around in her latex outfit swinging her hands over her head. The babe on the remix, on the other hand, needs setting free, as she has been tied up by someone and would need untying in order to be set free. We suspect there will be plenty of offers to set her free, as she might be very grateful to be let go. Rope-burn!
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Alright - Red Carpet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Red Carpet Alright Original Cover Artwork of Red Carpet Alright It's Alright, say Red Carpet. And to be fair, the original front cover artwork for the single does, in fact, show a red carpet, protected by red banisters, leading to a red door. What is behind the door, that might be an interesting question to ask. The remix perhaps answers this question, as we find a babe sprawling over a red carpet on some stairs. Given her state of undress, this might explain why there was so much fuss about allowing people along the red carpet and through the red door. Scarlet!
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The Secrets That You Keep - Mud 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mud The Secrets That You Keep Original Cover Artwork of Mud The Secrets That You Keep What are The Secrets That You Keep? According to the original single front cover artwork by Mud, it seems to revolve around pictures of the band members, individually and together. Very secretive! On the remix we find a babe who seems to be in the shower with someone she shouldn't be, whilst her husband is right next to her taking a shave. It might be helpful if she pulled the shower curtain across to at least hide the face of the guy in the shower with her. Caught!

Babe - Styx 

Cover Artwork Remix of Styx Babe Original Cover Artwork of Styx Babe Nearly every remix here at AllBum.Art involves a Babe of some kind, and this single by Styx is no exception. The original cover artwork shows the band members, but no babe whatsoever, none, nothing. On the remix we find a babe standing in a field who, herself, appears to be carrying a babe of her own. A babe, in a babe, now that's plenty of babes for such a song. Why she would be standing in the middle of a field with nothing but a cardigan to keep her warm is unknown. Bube!
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