Devils Haircut - Beck 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beck Devils Haircut Original Cover Artwork of Beck Devils Haircut What a joker Beck is! On the original single cover artwork for Devils Haircut, he deliberately misses out an apostrophe, so we don't know if there is one devil or many. On the remix we discover that there is in fact, just the one devil, a devilish babe who is giving a haircut to some unsuspecting man who will no doubt be drawn into her, for want of a better word, Beelzibubs. That seems a particularly appropriate turn of phrase for them. Melons!
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Let's Go All The Way - Sly Fox 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sly Fox Lets Go All The Way Original Cover Artwork of Sly Fox Lets Go All The Way There are very few people who would not understand what Sly Fox mean when they sing Let's Go All The Way, with that izzy-izzy back-beat. However the designer of their original single cover artwork possibly did not as he chose to represent this by some grotesque drawing of a face. On the remix we find a sly old fox who has convinced her man (or maybe someone else's man) to go all the way with her. It does not look like he took that much convincing. Destination!
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Beautiful Ones - Suede 

Cover Artwork Remix of Suede Beautiful Ones Original Cover Artwork of Suede Beautiful Ones Just what constitutes Beautiful Ones? According to Suede, if the front cover artwork from their single is to be believed, it's all about having dark colored jeans on. On the remix we can not see if the babe concerned is also wearing dark jeans, but she is wearing a dark hat and dark gloves, but it seems her dark dress may not fit her properly, revealing her definitely beautiful ones. Smooth!
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Holiday - Dizzee Rascal 

Original Cover Artwork of Dizzee Rascal Holiday Cover Artwork Remix of Dizzee Rascal Holiday Cover Artwork Remix of Dizzee Rascal Holiday
Another triple-play for you lucky people. Today it is time to take a Holiday with Dizzee Rascal. On the original cover we find the singer standing on one leg, maybe this is how rap stars take a vacation? On the first single cover remix we find a babe relaxing in the sunshine on a beach, a much more regular kind of break. On the final remix we find three babes, also on a beach but wearing nothing more than a smile and a sparkly belt or bracelet. Swarovski!
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Ma Baker - Boney M 

Original Cover Artwork of Boney M Ma Baker Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Ma Baker Cover Artwork Remix of Boney M Ma Baker
Time for another remix for Boney M with their song Ma Baker, and it's a triple-play no less. On the original single front cover artwork we see the band members tied up in chains and little else. On the first remix the same idea is repeated but just with a single babe tightly tied. On the second remix we find a Ma in her kitchen resting after doing some baking. Cake!
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Devil's Got Your Gold - Frank 

Cover Artwork Remix of Frank Devils Got Your Gold Original Cover Artwork of Frank Devils Got Your Gold According to Frank, the Devil's Got Your Gold. According to the original album cover artwork, a black and white picture of the band members is largely all you have got, no gold, and no devil. On the remix we find that although the devil may have got your gold, what he has done with it is rather angelic, as he has coated the wings of an angel with ti. We can but presume that this devilish act makes it too heavy for her to fly, but she doesn't look too upset about it, does she?
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A Day At The Races - Queen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Queen A Day At The Races Original Cover Artwork of Queen A Day At The Races Let's go for A Day At The Races with Queen. This seems to mean two scantily clad babes holding up the letter Q and a crown supported by one golden lion and one silver one. Oh, and let's not forget the crab and bird in the background. The remix is much more simple as we find a group of babes lined up ready to run a race. It's no surprise they want to run away, as they seem to have forgotten their running kit. Sneakers!
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Crush On You - The Jets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jets Crush On You Original Cover Artwork of Jets Crush On You What would it look like if someone had a Crush On You? Unfortunately the original single front cover artwork by The Jets does not enlighten the situation at all, unless having a crush on you looks like some yellow letters against a pink background. On the remix we find a babe who has a crush on the guy underneath her. Well, the guy must be being crushed a little given how big the babe is and the fact that she is sitting on him. Flatten!
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Release Me - Agnes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Agnes Release Me Original Cover Artwork of Agnes Release Me Release Me is what Agnes asks us. On the original single front cover artwork we find Ms Carlsson looking anything other than trapped and in need of release. On the remix we find a babe who has been tied up in chains and left at the bottom of a metal staircase. She is definitely in need of being released, but we suspect there would be no end of volunteers ready to help her. Padlock!
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April Moon - Sam Brown 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sam Brown April Moon Original Cover Artwork of Sam Brown April Moon Sam Browm sings to us about an April Moon, which is highly appropriate given the date, and no, we are not fooling around. The remix of the original album cover artwork is needed because on the original cover there is a singular lack of any kind of moon. On the remix we find a babe who is mooning us, and standing in front of a full moon. How much more lunar loveliness could you possible want now? Orbit!
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