Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand 

Cover Artwork Remix of Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To Original Cover Artwork of Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To Do You Want To? It seems like a harmless question that Franz Ferdinand are asking. And on the original front cover artwork, this question is accompanied by a puzzled looking man, pouting in front of a skyscraper. On the remix, we find a mature babe asking if you want to. To try and tempt you she has gotten naked and plunged into a swimming pool. The refraction of her figure through the water is having an odd effect, do you see? Splash!
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Touch Me (All Night Long) - Cathy Dennis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cathy Dennis Touch Me Original Cover Artwork of Cathy Dennis Touch Me Cathy Dennis is very encouraging when she sings Touch Me (All Night Long), but the original single cover artwork doesn't really tell a story, as it just shows Ms Dennis wearing very 90s make-up. On the remix we find a mature granny who has obviously issued the instruction 'Touch Me' to two young guys who have literally taken her at her word and are touching her just like she has tole them to. Flabby!

Come Clean - Puddle Of Mudd 

Cover Artwork Remix of Puddle Of Mud Come Clean Original Cover Artwork of Puddle Of Mud Come Clean We really have absolutely no idea what Puddle Of Mudd were trying to depict on the original album cover artwork for Come Clean. A little boy peeing against a bush says nothing to us. On the remix, though, one thing is obvious - the babe is clean, having just gotten out of her bath. Why she wore pantyhose and heels in the bath is not clear but you can be assured that if you want to come clean, you need a clean babe to begin with. Shiny!
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Make You Feel My Love - Adele 

Cover Artwork Remix of Adele Make You Feel My Love Original Cover Artwork of Adele Make You Feel My Love When Adele sings Make You Feel My Love, we would expect a little more from the original single cover artwork than a picture of the singer looking over her shoulder. What we would expect is someone who had gone to some length to make someone else feel their love, and that appears to be what is happening on the remix. Some granny has dressed in high heels and white stockings and panties and has somehow convinced a younger guy to pull down her panties and take a feel of her love. Persuasive!
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She's All I Want For Christmas - Lloyd 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lloyd Shes All I Want For Christmas Original Cover Artwork of Lloyd Shes All I Want For Christmas We can see why Lloyd would sing She's All I Want For Christmas judging by the cover artwork for his single. After all, the babe on the cover has a nice smile and a nice choice in clothing (or lack thereof). We occasionally get charged, here at AllBum.Art with the accusation that the material for our remixes focuses too heavily on the use of young, attractive babes and ignores the more mature variety. The remix of this song attempts to respond to some of those accusations by showing another babe that might be all that's needed for Christmas, being, as she is, an older babe wearing naught but stockings and heels. A Christmas stocking-filler, so to say. Red-breast!

Conga - Miami Sound Machine 

Cover Artwork Remix of Miami Sound Machine Conga Original Cover Artwork of Miami Sound Machine Conga Those crazy Latin beats want to make you shake your feet and do the Conga. But what is the Conga? Well the Latin influences are clear on the original cover artwork from the Miami Sound Machine, but there's no guide on how to participate in this crazy Latin dance. The remix shows a group participating in what has to be said to be a rather lackluster and unenthusiastic Conga but there may be a good reason for this. Ancient!
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You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name Original Cover Artwork of Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name Who gives love a bad name? You Give Love A Bad Name, at least according to Bon Jovi you do. The pouting face of the band on the front cover of the single are flaunting that message at you. On the remix we find a teacher, who gives love a very bad name, which, if the writing on the blackboard is to be believed, is Mrs Squelchiblubber. That name is very fitting for her, and would definitely be considered a very bad name for love. Silver!

Ugly - Sugababes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sugababes Ugly Original Cover Artwork of Sugababes Ugly Whatever your view of British babe band Sugababes, Ugly is probably not a word that immediately springs to mind. Which is what makes the cover of their single so ironically misfitting, as the title is ugly but the picture is not. Leap forward some alternative babes to grace the cover who bring the song's title to life. Are they ugly? Of course that depends on your taste, but compared to the original babes, they certainly aren't pretty. Maybe a few fewer clothes may have helped. Then again, maybe not. Awful!
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Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ll Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out Original Cover Artwork of Ll Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out Whilst we're doing the whole 'older woman' thing, what better song to remix than LL Cool J's 1990 classic Mama Said Knock You Out. Mr Cool J seems to think that this means standing around, fists tight, shirt off, medallions glinting in the darkness. We think it means that Mama has said to her daughter that she needs to do something that will bowl over, or 'knock out' her boyfriend. And mama's recommendation... get naked together and show him the family jewels. Not quite sure you add much to this scene mama, sorry. Punch!
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Do You Want It Right Now - Degrees Of Motion 

Cover Artwork Remix of Degrees Motion Do You Want It Right Now Original Cover Artwork of Degrees Motion Do You Want It Right Now Following on from yesterday's theme of relationships that probably shouldn't be, today we have a remix of Do You Want It Right Now by Degrees Of Motion. The original cover gives absolutely no indication of what the song is about. None at all. The remix places us in a mighty difficult situation. What appears to be on offer is a handsomely busty, older lady. And it is very and completely clear what it is that she is offering right now. So the question is... Do you want it? Decisions!
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