Humanoid - Stakker 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stakker Humanoid Original Cover Artwork of Stakker Humanoid Following yesterday's outer-space based remix, we thought another space-aged cover could do with the AllBum.Art treatment. This time it is Humanoid by Stakker that is under the telescope. The original cover has all of that late 1980s post-apocalyptic neo-transigent nonsense going on. The remix shows a humanoid, or at least what looks like a humanoid that is unless the blue patches on her skin are just decoration and not part of her actual physical being. Human being that is. Or not. Heck, you decide.
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Viva Planet M - Montepulciano 

Cover Artwork Remix of Montepulciano Viva Planet M Original Cover Artwork of Montepulciano Viva Planet M There is many a time, here at AllBum.Art that our cover artwork remixes select obscure or unheard of songs just because the title owes itself to such a remix. Viva Planet M by Montepulciano is one of those songs. We found the rather cute picture of the babe holding a ray-gun in the remix and needed a single to use it on. As the original cover just shows the ray-gun, the remix adds the much needed human touch, though whether humans live on Planet M is somewhat of an unknown. Zap!
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Mrs. Robinson - Lemonheads 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lemonheads Mrs Robinson Original Cover Artwork of Lemonheads Mrs Robinson Here's to you Mrs. Robinson! Originally a hit in 1968 for Simon And Garfunkel, here we deal with the cover of the cover version by Lemonheads. The original version of the cover could have been drawn by a 5 year old, dubious. The remix shows the version of Mrs Robinson that those familiar with The Graduate will far better recognize than some infant scrawl. In it we see - well, see for yourself - an older woman, a younger guy and lots of sexual tension. Seduction!
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In Trance - Scorpions 

Cover Artwork Remix of Scorpions In Trance Original Cover Artwork of Scorpions In Trance Occasionally, here at AllBum.Art, we find the cover of an album that remixes itself, simply through modernization. On the original cover of the Scorpions album, we see a sexy babe with an electric guitar. On the remix, the identical concept, just a more modern and less clothed version. Bizarrely, for an album called In Trance, it's a heavy metal album, not some plinkly plonky dance music. Simple!
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Out Of Space - The Prodigy 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prodigy Out Of Space Original Cover Artwork of Prodigy Out Of Space Out Of Space, by The Prodigy is the focus of today's remix. On the original cover, the band are still searching to find what it is that is in space, by using a series of satellite dishes to explore the weirdly colored night sky. On the remix, the thing that is in space has been found and would you know it, it looks just like a babe from Earth, though she, herself, is weirdly colored too. Paint!
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The Sea - Morcheeba 

Cover Artwork Remix of Morcheeba The Sea Original Cover Artwork of Morcheeba The Sea Flocking to The Sea, crowds of people wait for me. The opening lines to the mellow, moreish sounds of Morcheeba's song. The song is all about the relaxing time that can be had by the sea - but mind the wasp! The cover has a shark on it? Eh? The remixed cover takes us much more closely to the idyllic picture of coastal recreation that Morcheeba sing about. A babe. In a bikini. By the sea. Delicious!
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Below The Belt - Boxer 

Cover Artwork Remix of Boxer Below The Belt Original Cover Artwork of Boxer Below The Belt The original cover of the Boxer album Below The Belt apparently shows a model called Stephanie Marrian spreadeagled and naked with just a boxing glove covering her decency. Boxer's logo has a belt around it so in essence, the whole of Ms Marrian is below the belt. Full marks for effort there boys. On the remix we see an older babe but she is letting the guy standing next to her take a much closer look at what is below her belt. And she isn't even wearing a belt. Examination!
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War - Former Vandal 

Cover Artwork Remix of Former Vandal War Original Cover Artwork of Former Vandal War War by Former Vandal is apparently a song inspired by the TV show Teen Wolf. On the original cover we see a face daubed with neon paint standing in a room replete with ultra violet light. On the remix we see a babe who is not just a former vandal, but is clearly still keen on tearing places apart, oddly in very high platform heels. And nothing else. Now if that isn't enough to start a war, what is? Alien!
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Smoke - Natalie Imbruglia 

Cover Artwork Remix of Natalie Imbruglia Smoke Original Cover Artwork of Natalie Imbruglia Smoke Ribbons of wispy and pungent vapor distort out view of Natalie Imbruglia on the cover of her single Smoke. Under normal circumstances that would score full points on the AllBum.Art leader board containing, as it does, a picture of the artist and a connection to the title of the song. So in a way, the remix would score less covering off, as it does, the smoke element but having replaced Ms Imbruglia with a different babe who appears to enjoy smoking whilst walking down country lanes. Score?
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Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face - The Monks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Monks Nice Legs Shame Original Cover Artwork of Monks Nice Legs Shame Any band that describes themselves as neo-punk revivalists deserve to have the cover of their song remixed. Oddly, The Monks do not make this claim, but we decided to remix the cover of their song Nice Legs Shame About Her Legs anyway. On the original - legs. On the remix, a wicked pair of legs but oh dear, not so pretty in the facial area. What's that you say, beggars can't be choosers. Hand that begging bowl over... Change!
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