The Devil Made Me Do It - Thunder 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thunder Devil Made Me Do It Original Cover Artwork of Thunder Devil Made Me Do It The Devil Made Me Do It. How often have we used that as an excuse? Plenty, perhaps. Thunder, it seems, have decided that this is the reason for their appallingly bad cover artwork. Blame it on the devil, why don't you. On the remix we find an ecumenical babe who has obviously succumb to the dark forces of Beelzebub. What exactly the devil has made her do is not totally clear. Possibly it was to wear sexy lingerie which then precipitated her current situation. Underworld!
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Real Girl - Mutya Buena 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mutya Buena Real Girl Original Cover Artwork of Mutya Buena Real Girl Mutya Buena is a Real Girl, as far as we can tell. But the problem with the cover artwork of her single and album (of the same name) is that although we can see Ms Buena's face, whether the rest of her body proves that she is a real girl is not known. On the remix we find a babe who is 100% real girl and has the body to prove it. That being said, there may be some surgical enhancement going on up there. What do you think?
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Ebony And Ivory - Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mccartney Wonder Ebony Ivory Original Cover Artwork of Mccartney Wonder Ebony Ivory You would think, would you not, that when two megastars such as Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder get together to make a song, they would also find a way to get together to make the single cover artwork. But on the cover of Ebony And Ivory, it is clear that the two were not in the same place when the picture was taken. On the remix we find two babes, on ebony, one ivory, who were unquestionably in the same place at the same time when the picture was taken. Their clothes, however, seem to have been somewhere else. Vanished!
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Silver Machine - Hawkwind 

Cover Artwork Remix of Hawkwind Silver Machine Original Cover Artwork of Hawkwind Silver Machine As you know, we here at AllBum.Art particularly like single artwork where the artists have made an effort to portray the name of the song on the cover. Hawkwind have singularly failed this task on the cover of their single Silver Machine. Not only is there no machine visible, but neither is there any sign of a machine. On the remix, we have rectified this situation and we find a shiny silver motorbike engine. Oh, and a cute babe sitting in front of it. Vroom!
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How Dare You - 10cc 

Cover Artwork Remix of 10cc How Dare You Original Cover Artwork of 10cc How Dare You Another remix for 10cc, this time for the artwork of their album How Dare You. On the original cover we find a businessman on the telephone to a female, possibly his wife, or mistress, or even his secretary[url]. On the remix we find only the female who is fiercely proclaiming her dare, which appears to have been to stand in the street and flash her naked body. Dare!
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Lorraine - Bad Manners 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bad Manners Lorraine Original Cover Artwork of Bad Manners Lorraine Lorraine (Lorraine, Lorraine) Lorraine, Lorraine... Is how the lyrics go in this 80s song from Bad Manners. On the original cover we find that Lorraine is somewhat less than real, and is sitting on a chair. On the remixed single artwork, we find that Lorraine has become much more realistic but sadly, has fallen off the chair. That said, she doesn't seem all that unhappy about her predicament. Topple!
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Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cobra Starship Good Girls Go Bad Original Cover Artwork of Cobra Starship Good Girls Go Bad We kind of half like the original single artwork for Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship. The idea that some babe in green stiletto pumps would draw on the face of a snoozing guy who could, if he woke up, presumably look right up her skirt, is a nice one. Our remix just has a group of girls who appear to have decided to streak along a corridor. Naughty girls, bad girls, good girls - it's all the same to them. Knock-out!
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Final Exit - Fear Factory 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fear Factory Final Exit Original Cover Artwork of Fear Factory Final Exit The Final Exit is where Fear Factory are taking us. Their vision of this seems to be some symmetrical metal scorpion. Our vision of a final exit is rather different. Our exit is one which, after you go through it, there is no return. That must be why the babe who is about to go through it has decided not to take anything too valuable with her. She doesn't have her phone or computer, or, for that matter any of her clothes. Obviously the shoes she is wearing are of little monetary value. Let's wish her farewell. Bye!
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It's The End Of The World As We Know It - R.E.M. 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rem Its The End Of The World As We Know It Original Cover Artwork of Rem Its The End Of The World As We Know It Another remix for R.E.M.. According to the band, It's The End Of The World As We Know It, however the original single cover artwork does not help us depict the scene, unless the world ends with a lightning storm. On the remix we find a babe who is defending herself as the end of the world as we know it encroaches on her. She has a large gun and must have been shooting a lot of zombies or something as she is covered in blood. Also some chemical agent must have been in use as all her clothes have fallen off. Apocalyptic!

Nightlife - Kenickie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kenickie Nightlife Original Cover Artwork of Kenickie Nightlife Another remix for Kenickie and this time for their single Nightlife. On the original single cover artwork we find that the band's idea of nightlife is a bed with silk sheets and a playboy pillow with a lava lamp sitting on an untidy bed-side set of drawers. This maybe the aftermath of some nightlife, but we think that the remix offers a view of what might have gone on before, as two babes are out at night living it up on the streets wearing nothing but their high heels. Living!
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