Thirsty Work - Status Quo 

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019, 05:35 - Albums Of The 1990s, Album Covers, Safe For Work, High Heels
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Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Thirsty Work Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Thirsty Work It is the first of May, known as Labor Day which is all about work. So it seems appropriate, today of all days, to remix an album about Thirsty Work by Status Quo. On the original front cover artwork you will find a bottle of what looks like fizzy water which oddly is full, yet next to it is a glass which is also full. On the remix is a babe who has been hard at work and is now thirsty and is reaching for a bottle of cold water in a fridge. It is not clear what her like of work is, but it seems to involve wearing nothing other than a pair of orange high heels. Dancing!
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