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Original Cover Artwork of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride
The third piece of remixed album artwork for Rihanna and it's a triple-play. We Ride was released in 2006 but was a bit of a flop for Ms Fenty. A lot of the blame for this can probably be laid at the feet of the cover itself. Yes, it is nice to see a picture of Ms Fenty where the only skin on show is that which would even be on show if she was attending church, rather than her usual outfits which are suited only for fetish clubs. The first remix does away with the picture of Ms Fenty altogether and shows 5 girls in the altogether who are clearly of an equestrian disposition. They clearly ride horses but given that they are naked other than some riding boots (and are holding strategically placed riding hats) whether they ride in other ways too seems open to very little debate. The second remix shows three babes riding bikes, whose outfits are only marginally more protective than those of their horse-riding sisters. Neigh!
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