Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley 

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Original Cover Artwork of Elvis Presley Blue ChristmaMr Elvis Presley and his 1964 single Blue (hoo hoo) Christmas is another of those seasonal songs that can be heard across the country on the radio at this time of year, being close to Christmas (though being more grey and white than blue). The cover here is from a re-release and is not the original, but it does see Mr Presley in a nice christmassy sweater looking kind of blue. What is most unlikely, is that Mr Presley would be on his own at Christmas, especially if he was feeling blue, and so it only seems right that we should give him someone to feel blue about, blue with or whatever else takes his fancy.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Elvis Presley Blue ChristmAh, a happier Mr Presley now as we find that all along there was someone there with him. In fact she seems quite the pretty one with her red corset with white fur trim, her red underwear and her white stockings. In that outfit, she almost seems Canadian what with the regulation red bra with white fur lining. Perhaps she is Canadian: just because Mr Presley lived in the south, doesn't mean he would necessarily turn someone away just because they came from northern climes, does it? She does look less suntanned than Mr Presley, a bit pale some might say. Then again, perhaps he liked that kind of thing.

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