Drive My Car - The Beatles 

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Original Cover Artwork of The Beatles Drive My Car Here we see British superstars of the sixties, The Beatles posing on the cover of their 1965 single, Drive My Car. Their 'moptop' hairstyles all merging together in the center of the cover to give the impression that the four heads are somehow stuck together. As with many pieces of artwork from records of the time, the person responsible for making it missed one important factor, which is that there is absolutely nothing to do with cars anywhere on the cover. The only thing vaguely connected with automobiles is possibly the fact that if you cut a circle out of the cover it would probably be a similar shape to a tire.

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Cover Artwork Remix of The Beatles Drive My Car And so on to the revised version. As with many covers, the boys have been replaced by girls. This time, instead of the four floppy haired Brits, we see four feisty felines. The rotational symmetry of the original cover has been kept, so that if you cut a circle out of it, it would still be a similar shape to a tire. What has been done to make the cover more connected with cars, however, is that the ladies are wearing outfits which suggest they know a bit about what goes on under the bonnet. Disappointingly though, if you look closer you will see that none of them has any grease marks on their outfits, suggesting that looks are deceptive and although they look like they could handle a torque wrench, in all probability they couldn't even spell it. Beep beep, beep beep, yeah!

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