Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Stoop Down Baby… Let Your Daddy See - Chick Willis

Stoop Down Baby... Let Your Daddy See - Chick WillisStoop Down Baby... Let Your Daddy See - Chick WillisIt is patently clear from the original single front cover artwork of Stoop Down Baby… Let Your Daddy See by Chick Willis With Blues, that the purpose of his asking the babe to stoop down is to try and get a glimpse of what is up her skirt. This kind of overt misogyny was rife in the 1970s. Today such things would not be acceptable and instead, on the remix, we find a babe who has stooped down very low so that someone can see. It may be her daddy, or it may be you. What you can see is that she has a big bubble butt. That's how we do things in the 21st century. Peach!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Standing In The Shadows Of Love - Four Tops

Standing In The Shadows Of Love - Four TopsStanding In The Shadows Of Love - Four TopsLet's go and join the Four Tops whilst they are Standing In The Shadows Of Love. More specifically standing against a white background is what you would do if you were using the original single front cover artwork as your guide. On the remix is a babe who is standing in the shadows at night and given that she is wearing stockings and high heels, it would be reasonable to assume that she has love on her mind. So, standing (correct) in the shadows (yes) of love (probably). Better!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Why Did You Do It - Stretch

Why Did You Do It - StretchWhy Did You Do It - StretchThe question of the moment is Why Did You Do It? And the answer provided by Stretch on the original single front cover artwork is confusing in that there seems to be a yellow-faced man staring at a couple kissing. Maybe he is angry at what they are doing and would ask the question about why they did it when they stopped. On the remix is a babe taking off her panties outdoors. Perhaps she had a good reason for doing it, we may never find out. Mystery!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Hooked - Great White

Hooked - Great WhiteHooked - Great WhiteIn some ways it is difficult to improve upon the original album front cover artwork for Hooked by Great White, which shows what appears to be a naked babe, clasping onto a fishing hook of some girth. She has certainly been hooked. The remix changes very little. A babe is still hooked, but this time as she leans astride a pommelhorse rather than being out at sea. And the hook is not a fishing hook this time, nor is it Captain Hook, or Doctor Hook. It's a kind of a crook, that is to say by hook, or by crook. Look, we never said this web-site was intellectual. Book!

Friday, January 15, 2021

About Your Dress - The Maccabees

About Your Dress - The MaccabeesAbout Your Dress - The MaccabeesWhat is it that is About Your Dress? If The Maccabees are trying to help us answer this question, it would seem that it would be a dress which is made from a pair of curtains and is designed on a frilly 19th century pair of galoshes, or something. Anyway, the remix tells us that what it is that is about someone's dress is that it is a red dress that has been taken off and hung on the rung of some stairs, leaving the wearer in nothing but red high heels. And carrying a glass of wine. Nipple!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

You Sexy Dancer - The Rockford Files

You Sexy Dancer - The Rockford FilesYou Sexy Dancer - The Rockford FilesYou Sexy Dancer is a single by The Rockford Files. This is not the TV show The Rockford Files, starring James Garner, but some other band whose idea of single cover artwork is a drawing of a babe in boots and a short skirt, flashing her panties whilst she twirls around. On the remix is a similarly colored girl who is also a sexy dancer, maybe of the pole kind. Magenta!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

For The Dead - Gene

For The Dead - GeneFor The Dead - GeneGene are all For The Dead, which is good given it's All Hallow's Day (a.k.a. the day after Halloween). After all those ghouls and ghosts, the band chose to illustrate being for the dead on their original single front cover artwork by having a woman (or is it a doll) in a long dress. On the remix, is a babe who is definitely for the dead, which she illustrates by hanging around naked in a graveyard (other than her black high heels, in lieu of a black tie no doubt). Fallen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cemetery Shoes - Johnny Dowd

Cemetery Shoes - Johnny DowdCemetery Shoes - Johnny DowdWhat, you may be asking yourself, are Cemetery Shoes? Let us turn to the infinite wisdom of Johnny Dowd for an answer this question. If the original album front cover artwork is to be believed, it seems to be something to do with sweeping up leaves in a graveyard with an electric guitar. An alternative view is that of the remixed cover which shows a babe standing in a cemetery in a pair of high heeled shoes and her lingerie. Oh, and with an umbrella for good measure. Those kind of shoes, that is what. Misty!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Letter From America - The Proclaimers

Letter From America - The ProclaimersLetter From America - The ProclaimersWhen ye goo, will ye bring back, a Letter From America. That is what The Proclaimers sing. They illustrate this on the original single front cover artwork with a drawing of a tall man in a derelict warehouse, which must be how they. On the the remix is a babe sitting on a desk with a US flag behind her. Oddly, the nameplate on the desk seems to says 'President', despite the blackboard in the background suggesting that this is a classroom and not the Oval office. Use your imagination as this is a great remix, really good, the best. Trump!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Caught Up - Usher

Caught Up - UsherCaught Up - UsherUsher is all Caught Up, poor fella. Then again maybe he isn't that poor given that on the original single front cover artwork, the thing he seems caught up on is a group of sexy dancing girls. On the remix, it seems that one of the girls has caught up her panties on her high heels as she was taking them off. She is ushering in a new era in really obvious and pointless remixes, then again, that is what AllBum.It is all about. Oik!