Seamonsters - The Wedding Present 

Cover Artwork Remix of Wedding Present Sea Monsters Original Cover Artwork of Wedding Present Sea Monsters Seamonsters (whoooo, splash). It is an album by The Wedding Present. That has to be stated as the original album cover artwork just shows a number of red < V > type signs floating around on a dark background. On the remix we see two real life seamonsters, who have decided to take a splash about in the sea. Don't get too close because if they start moving too quickly, a vortex will form and you will be lost at sea forever. Whoooo.
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Let Me Touch Him - The Ministers Quartet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ministers Quartet Let Me Touch Him Original Cover Artwork of Ministers Quartet Let Me Touch Him Where do we begin when starting with the original album cover for Let Me Touch Him by The Ministers Quartet? On the positive side, there are four band members so that makes them a quartet. And it's possible that they are ministers, but other than their boring choice of attire, that's not obvious. But who are they wanting to touch? On the remix we find four mature babes (so a quartet) who all seem to be jostling to touch the guy in the photo. Two of them have him in their hands and two don't, at least not when the photo was taken. Will he touch them, that is a good question. Would you?
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Leave Right Now - Will Young 

Cover Artwork Remix of Will Young Leave Right Now Original Cover Artwork of Will Young Leave Right Now When Will Young sings a song called Leave Right Now, it might be expected that on the original single front cover artwork there would be something that might wish you to leave, and do it now, rather than his enstubbled face. On the remix is a babe who appears to be undressing. She could very much be regarded as being ugly and not just a little bit hairy. You can stay around to see what happens next if you want, but we shall take up Mr Young's advice and leave. Right now!
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Touch Of Grey - Grateful Dead 

Cover Artwork Remix of Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey Original Cover Artwork of Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey A Touch Of Grey, that is what Grateful Dead are singing about. To illustrate this, the original single front cover artwork has 6 skulls on it, though, oddly, not all of them are grey (some are a shade of brown). On the remix we have a mature lady whose hair has turned grey. She is covering up an area of her body which in many cases is renowned for being hairy, and if this was also grey, she would be touching grey. A touch of grey. You see how that works? Gray!
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Walk Away - Joyce Sims 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joyce Sims Walk Away Original Cover Artwork of Joyce Sims Walk Away Joyce Sims is telling us to Walk Away. But other than a photo of Ms Sims, there is next to nothing on the original single front cover artwork that indicates what we should walk away from, or why. On the remix these problems are fixed. What we should walk away from is a mature granny who is flaunting her saggy body at us. Why? Do you really need an answer to that question? Plenty more fish in the sea, as the saying goes. Throw that whale back!

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Infatuation - Rod Stewart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rod Stewart Infatuation Original Cover Artwork of Rod Stewart Infatuation You can almost see, on the original single cover, that Rod Stewart is infatuated with something, as his eye looks as if it has rested on some interesting titbit. That's Infatuation, Stewart style. On the remix are four very fat babes, which may have been what Mr Stewart had his eye on. If that was the case, then as the slightly changed single title shows, it wound have been in-fat-uation. Definitely not in-thin-uation. That would be in-sin-uation. OK, OK, enough already. Infuriation!
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This Garden - Levellers 

Original Cover Artwork of Levellers This Garden Cover Artwork Remix of Levellers This Garden Cover Artwork Remix of Levellers This Garden
It's odd that the Levellers would choose to illustrate a song called This Garden by using a semi phallic face paint on the original single front cover artwork. On the first remix in this triple-play, a far more sensible picture emerges, one of a babe in black lingerie, standing in a garden. And not just any garden, this garden. On the second remix, a larger than life big babe is also in a garden (which could be this garden, or that garden) and though she is clearly trying to tempt you with her pose, there are no takers as far as can be seen. Towel!
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Garage Inc - Metallica 

Cover Artwork Remix of Metallica Garage Inc Original Cover Artwork of Metallica Garage Inc We are happy to admin that those Metallica buys do at least look as if they hav been working at Garage Inc, as they are standing around wearing overalls, and covered in grease. On the remix we find why they were interested in working at the garage, as there is a mature babe sitting on the floor among a range of motorbikes and to help the boys with their repairs, she seems to have stuffed metal tools inside her, as well as attaching a couple of ring washers to her nipples. At least she has the correct footwear for working in a garage. Ring!
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Little Red Boots - Lindi Ortega 

Original Cover Artwork of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots Cover Artwork Remix of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots Cover Artwork Remix of Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots

Another triple-play from AllBum.Art, this time Little Red Boots from Lindi Ortega. We give Ms Ortega nearly full points for the original album (and single) cover artwork as it shows the singer wearing red boots, thus our remixes are largely redundant (but fun nonetheless). In the first we find a babe wearing her red boots and not much else. In the second remix we find a plump old bird seemingly proud of red boots which she is showing off, to the detriment of her other clothing. Maroon!
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It's The End Of The World As We Know It - R.E.M. 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rem Its The End Of The World As We Know It Original Cover Artwork of Rem Its The End Of The World As We Know It Another remix for R.E.M.. According to the band, It's The End Of The World As We Know It, however the original single cover artwork does not help us depict the scene, unless the world ends with a lightning storm. On the remix we find a babe who is defending herself as the end of the world as we know it encroaches on her. She has a large gun and must have been shooting a lot of zombies or something as she is covered in blood. Also some chemical agent must have been in use as all her clothes have fallen off. Apocalyptic! banner

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