Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder 

Cover Artwork Remix of Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Original Cover Artwork of Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you, that is what Stevie Wonder is singing, over and over again, in this 80s song. On the original cover we find Mr Wonder and his beaded dreadlocks. On the remixed single cover we find two buxom mature babes, whose idea of a happy birthday seems to include one of them holding a frankfurter to the ass of the second one. Sausage!
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Bubblin' - Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Bubblin Original Cover Artwork of Blue Bubblin A song called Bubblin' (with the missing 'g' at the end to make it sound more sexy) can easily be spoiled by a poor single cover. And the original artwork shows nothing more than the band members for the artist Blue. They aren't bubblin' in any way - with or without the 'g'. On the remix is a mature babe who is sitting in a bubblin(g) bath of some kind, or maybe a hot-tub. It is to be hoped that the bubbles are artificial and not a product of something she has eaten. Donald!
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About Your Dress - The Maccabees 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maccabees About Your Dress Original Cover Artwork of Maccabees About Your Dress What is it that is About Your Dress? If The Maccabees are trying to help us answer this question, it would seem that it would be a dress which is made from a pair of curtains and is designed on a frilly 19th century pair of galoshes, or something. Anyway, the remix tells us that what it is that is about someone's dress is that it is a red dress that has been taken off and hung on the rung of some stairs, leaving the wearer in nothing but red high heels. And carrying a glass of wine. Nipple!
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Gold Mother - James 

Cover Artwork Remix of James Gold Mother Original Cover Artwork of James Gold Mother It seems that James's idea of a Gold Mother, is some kind of blurred, watery image of what could possibly be Mary, but could just about be anyone if the original album front cover artwork is a reflection of their opinion. The AllBum.Art opinion on what constitutes a gold mother, is a mature golden-haired babe, wearing a gold basque, and gold high heel shoes. A sexy gold mother [insert your own word to complete the sentence here]. Flim?
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A Life Of Surprises - Prefab Sprout 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prefab Sprout A Life Of Surprises Original Cover Artwork of Prefab Sprout A Life Of Surprises What would you expect to see on the cover of an album called A Life Of Surprises? According to Prefab Sprout it would be a tiny picture of three people standing next to, or sitting on, a motorbike. Which may be surprising, but not as surprising as the picture on the remixed front cover. The remix shows a guy who is clearly very surprised that the busty woman standing next to him has slipped off her clothes and is showing him her ample bosom. If he has a life of surprises like that, his life must be very interesting. Expert!
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Under Construction - Missy Elliott 

Cover Artwork Remix of Missy Elliott Under Construction Original Cover Artwork of Missy Elliott Under Construction Here comes Missy Elliott and her album Under Construction. The original front cover artwork shows Ms Elliott sitting by a wall with what, in the 1980s, would have been known as a ghetto-blaster. There is no sign of any construction. On the remix are three mature women standing on a building site, wearing (well, almost wearing) protective clothing. It is a wonder that any construction would take place with them standing around, as they would be very distracting. Dig!
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Strictly Business - EPMD 

Cover Artwork Remix of Epmd Strictly Business Original Cover Artwork of Epmd Strictly Business Strictly Business is both an album and a single by EPMD. The original cover artwork shows the two band members lazing about in their recording studio. A nice touch is that they are wearing matching black and white sweat-shirts. The remix is much more business-like, as we find a mature babe in the office with sales charts behind her. It looks as if sales are doing badly, so she has resorted to wearing only lingerie as an encouragement to buy whatever it is they are selling. Sold!
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You Showed Me - Salt 'N' Pepa 

Cover Artwork Remix of Salt N Pepa You Showed Me Original Cover Artwork of Salt N Pepa You Showed Me What is on show, when You Showed Me, what was it that was shown? On the original single front cover artwork by Salt 'N' Pepa, the band members all seem to be looking at something, but what is it that they are being shown? On the remix is a guy giving a thumbs-up, presumably for the busty mature babe next to him whose outfit shows plenty to start with. Maybe she showed him in more detail which is why he is happy and smiling. Truth!
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I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like Original Cover Artwork of The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like Probably best known for their single Christmas Wrapping, The Waitresses did have other hits including I Know What Boys Like. Based on the original single front cover artwork, what boys like is a black and white photograph of themselves on a cheap plastic table cloth. The remix seems more realistic as a babe who really knows what boys like demonstrates her logic by sitting on a chair, naked other than her high heels. Positioning!
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Naked - Dev And Enrique Iglesias 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dev Enrique Iglesias Naked Original Cover Artwork of Dev Enrique Iglesias Naked Whilst we're on the subject, here are another two stars who have failed to understand the meaning of the word Naked. Dev (whose song Dancing Shoes is one of the highest ranked remixes according to the AllBum.Art statistics) and Enrique Iglesias also appear fully clothed on the original single front cover artwork. The remix resolves this problem as a mature babe is undressing whilst a guy sits next to her and watches. How she expects to get her pantyhose off without taking her red high heels off is a puzzle we don't get to solve. Sofa!
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