Saturday, September 30, 2017

Push It All Aside - Alisha's Attic

Push It All Aside - Alisha's AtticPush It All Aside - Alisha's AtticAnother X-rated remix, this time for Alisha's Attic and their song Push It All Aside. On the original single front cover artwork we can see the two band members (called Alisha and Attic?) sitting with their backs against a cupboard on a wooden floor, but what is being pushed aside? On the remix some babe has decided to push it all aside and show us her own attic. Thinking about it, it's not at all clear that she is pushing it aside all by herself, she could have handy assistance. Aside from that, it's definitely all pushed. Pink!

Friday, September 29, 2017

My All - Mariah Carey

My All - Mariah CareyMy All - Mariah CareyMariah Carey is singing about My All, or her all, to put it in the correct grammatical arrangement. What her all is, though, is not clear as the original single front cover artwork only tells us that she is capable of standing close to a guy with long hair. The remi-xxx (or x-rated remix) shows a babe who seems to be indicating, through the judicious pulling aside of her panties, just what her all is. There not much left that her all could be, given that aside from her panties, she is only wearing high heel shoes. Total!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hold It Down - Senseless Things

Hold It Down - Senseless ThingsHold It Down - Senseless ThingsSenseless Things, on the original single front cover artwork, illustrate the idea of Hold It Down with some cogs. Cogs? What do they hold down? On the remix is a babe who is doing a good job of holding herself down. She is holding herself down on a footpath which is odd, as she is naked and it must be chilly on the floor. With her legs wide apart, her senseless thing is on open display (which is what makes this one of our limited series of XXX-rated remixes, in case you were wondering. Stripper!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Four To The Floor - Starsailor

[img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right]
[img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-rem1xx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right][img=images/starsailor-four-to-the-floor-rem2xx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150 float=right]
Starsailor are Four To The Floor. And to mark the end of the month, we have not just a triple-play but our first ever quadruple-play. The original single front cover shows the four members of the band standing on a deserted beach. There are four of them, and their clothes are on the floor, so that's a good start. On the first remix we find four babes who are also on a beach but are also close to the floor.

The next two are what we call Remi-XXX-es which are those remixes that cross the Triple-X threshold. The first of our X-rated remixes shows four women stacked on top of each other, and on the floor. Start at the top and work your way through the four, to the floor. The final remix shows four babes who have got off their bikes and are sitting on the floor. Quadrangle!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'm Goin' Down - Mary J Blige

I'm Goin' Down - Mary J BligeI'm Goin' Down - Mary J BligeJust stop for one darn minute and think. What did Mary J Blige really think that people would insinuate from the title of her song? Is it, as the original single front cover artwork for I'm Goin' Down shows, Ms Blige in a red hat? Or is it, as the remi-xxx-ed (our term for an X-rated remix) cover shows, a babe goin' down in a far more obvious way? The thing is, she has already gone down, and is not in the process of goin' down, so maybe this is as bad as the red hat she is sucking on. Ankle-strap!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds

Shapes Of Things - The YardbirdsShapes Of Things - The YardbirdsWhoa! Here it comes again, another X-rated remix or a remi-xxx as we like to call them. Today it is the turn of The Yardbirds and their single Shapes Of Things. On the original single front cover artwork we find the five band members standing on some oversized tables, which may or may not be classified as things, they certainly have a shape. On the remix we find a babe whose photograph has been taken at such an angle that you can very clearly see the shape of various of her things. X-Pert!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Garage Inc - Metallica

Garage Inc - MetallicaGarage Inc - MetallicaWe are happy to admin that those Metallica buys do at least look as if they hav been working at Garage Inc, as they are standing around wearing overalls, and covered in grease. On the remix we find why they were interested in working at the garage, as there is a mature babe sitting on the floor among a range of motorbikes and to help the boys with their repairs, she seems to have stuffed metal tools inside her, as well as attaching a couple of ring washers to her nipples. At least she has the correct footwear for working in a garage. Ring!

Friday, August 4, 2017

All The Small Things - Blink 182

All The Small Things - Blink 182All The Small Things - Blink 182It isn't completely clear what Blink 182 were suggesting on the original front cover artwork of their single All The Small Things, as all that can be seen are the band members in their boxer shorts. Perhaps they are wearing the shorts to cover up the fact that what lies underneath is small. On the remix you will find a variety of different girls in a similar set of poses to the band members, but without their shorts on. They all have very small chests, and other small things. Flatly!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Ideal Height - Biffy Clyro

The Ideal Height - Biffy ClyroThe Ideal Height - Biffy ClyroWhat is The Ideal Height? According to Biffy Clyro, it is not far from the ground, or more specifically, just above the height of the heels of the babe drawn on the original album cover artwork. The remix replaces the drawing with a real babe demonstrating the ideal height, though she seems to be using a lamp-stand to measure this which is unnecessary. Probably about 6 inches, give or take. In or out. Up or down.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Down On The Street - Shakatak

[img=images/shakatak-down-on-the-street-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/shakatak-down-on-the-street-2.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/shakatak-down-on-the-street-remixx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150]
Yet another in our ongoing series of Shakatak remixes and it's a triple-play too. On the original cover for Down On The Street we find a drawing of people in red, blue and black who are dancing down on the street, or at least the buildings in the background suggest it is a street. On the first remix we find a babe who is definitely down on the street, as she, for some unknown reason, has decided to lie down on a cobbled road without her panties on. On the second remix which falls into our X-rated remixes category, we find a babe who is also sitting down on the street, but who is wearing significantly less - in fact just her pink wedge sandals. Dirty!