Waterfall - Atlantic Ocean 

Cover Artwork Remix of Atlantic Ocean Waterfall Original Cover Artwork of Atlantic Ocean Waterfall Is that a Waterfall on the original single front cover artwork of this song by Atlantic Ocean? The thing is, it's difficult to tell because of the rather odd shading of red and beige that's been applied to the picture. On the remix we find a babe standing beneath a waterfall and again the waterfall has been obscured so it could just be a discoloration in the rock behind the babe. Then again, when the babe is cute enough, who cares about the waterfall? Splash!
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Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Simon Slip Slidin Away Original Cover Artwork of Paul Simon Slip Slidin Away Another remix for Paul Simon and his song Slip Slidin' Away. Sometimes cover artwork remixed itself and this is one of those examples. On the original front cover is a picture of a rather grubby looking Mr Simon. The designers could have at least included something slippy or slidey on the cover. On the remix are three topless babes who are a-slippin' and a-slidin' down a wet and slippy slide. Could it have been any easier to remix? They are literally slip slidin'. Away!
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Rainforest - Paul Hardcastle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paul Hardcastle Rainforest Original Cover Artwork of Paul Hardcastle Rainforest Dear Paul Hardcastle,

The next time you release an album and want someone to help with putting the artwork together, please get in touch.

The original cover for your album Rainforest fails on so many fronts, it isn't worth thinking about. Where is the rain, and where is the forest? Unless you class that fuzz of a hairstyle as a forest.

Instead take our remix and think of how cool it would have been if you had thought of putting a babe standing under a big leave in a rainforest on your original artwork.

Yours sincerely,

The AllBum.Art team.
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Let It Rain - 4 Strings 

Cover Artwork Remix of 4 Strings Let It Rain Original Cover Artwork of 4 Strings Let It Rain Not necessarily a request that everyone would endorse but 4 Strings want to Let It Rain. There are occasions when such a request might have merit but the original single cover artwork doesn't indicate this, instead we just see the singer and no indication of the level of precipitation. On the remix we find a babe who is prepared for precipitation, having, as she does, an Umbrella to keep her dry and some boots to keep her feet from getting wet. Sorted!
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She's A River - Simple Minds 

Cover Artwork Remix of Simple Minds Shes A River Original Cover Artwork of Simple Minds Shes A River Another remix for those Scottish songsters Simple Minds and today it is the turn of their single She's A River. On the original cover artwork we find two of the band members but no river, and no 'she'. On the remix we find that the reason that she is not in fact a river, but has just decided to bathe in one, and in the process her blouse has gotten all see-through. She may not be a river but she's definitely in the flow. Rapids!
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Drowning In Berlin - Mobiles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mobiles Drowning In Berlin [Original Cover Artwork of Mobiles Drowning In Berlin One of those 1980's over romantic new glamorous type affairs here for Mobiles and their single Drowning In Berlin. The thing is, on the cover, there isn't so much as a drop of water in which to drown (though there are lots of overly wet people). On the remix there is just the one babe who has been caught in the rain and who is going to get very wet even under her umbrella (ella, ey, ey, ey). Is she in Berlin? That is for you to work out. Wall!
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Everytime In Rains - Ace Of Base 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ace Of Base Everytime It Rains Original Cover Artwork of Ace Of Base Everytime It Rains So it seems that on the original cover artwork for Everytime It Rains by Ace Of Base, we find the four band members of which at least three are wearing some kind of waterproof clothing (it's not clear if the tunic being worn by the dark-haired babe would provide much protection against precipitation). On the remix we find a babe who has not taken this measure of protection and who has found herself out in the rain in nothing more than a flimsy t-shirt which has provided little to no shelter against the downpour. Ace!
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Wash In The Rain - The Bees (UK) 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Bees Uk Wash In The Rain Original Cover Artwork of The Bees Uk Wash In The Rain Now it may just be that on the original cover of Wash In The Rain by The Bees (UK), that there is, in fact, someone or something that is being washed in the rain, but the picture has been so badly cropped that other than possibly indicating that it is raining, there is little extra to go on. In the remix we find a babe who is definitely being washed in the rain. In the rain, in the dark, with naught but a golden street-light to illuminate her. Oh, and naked of course. Torrential!
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Rain Down On Me - Kain 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kane Rain Down On Me Original Cover Artwork of Kane Rain Down On Me Continuing on the theme of rain, we have for you, a remix of Rain Down On Me by Kane. The original cover artwork shows a stylized dragon of some kind or other which seems to have been superimposed on a background that might just represent raindrops falling on rain-sodden land. We need things a little clearer, and so the remix has a babe who has had the rain raining down on her for some time as she seems soaked. As do her clothes. Transparent!
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Rain - The Cult 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Cult Rain Original Cover Artwork of The Cult Rain We like a good rain-based remix here at AllBum.Art as a sexy babe soaking wet is always a sight to behold. Today it is the turn of The Cult and their single Rain to hit the remix table. The original cover shows a cloud, which may, or may not, be a rain cloud. The remix shows a babe who has gotten so wet in the rain that she obviously thinks that removing her t-shirt which is soaking wet, is a good move. We agree. Concur!
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