I Was A Ye-Ye Girl - Doing Time 

Cover Artwork Remix of Doing Time Ye Ye Girl Original Cover Artwork of Doing Time Ye Ye Girl What can we say about I Was A Ye-Ye Girl by Doing Time, other than yeah, baby! Apparently, Ye-Ye girls were a phenomenon in the 1960s in France where they were the high fashion pop babes of the time. The original cover provides no glimpse of what such a girl might have looked like so it is good that the remix fills in the gap, though it's quite a small gap. If that is what Ye-Ye girls were like, build a time machine right away, and let's get back to France. Ooh la-la!
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Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lynn Anderson Rose Garden Original Cover Artwork of Lynn Anderson Rose Garden I beg your pardon? I never promised you a Rose Garden! Or at least Lynn Anderson claims that she didn't. A crocheted blouse, yes. An odd yellow, green and blue color scheme, yes. But a rose garden, definitely not. Well if Ms Anderson won't give you one, we at AllBum.Art will give you one. And just so that Ms Anderson is not too upset by being replaced, we give you a rose garden that is in keeping with the yellow, green and blue color scheme too. Yuk!
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On The Beach - Cliff Richard 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard On The Beach Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard On The Beach We made it, summer is here and we're On The Beach with Cliff Richard, the English Elvis, as English people apparently dubbed him. On the original cover we see Mr Richard whose head seems oddly dispositioned dancing on the beach with a babe of the era. In the remix we focus more on the beach babe of the era who is now sitting under her umbrella in a most tempting, teasing, pose. Thrilling!
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This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Isley Brothers Heart Of Mine Original Cover Artwork of Isley Brothers Heart Of Mine What picture did The Isley Brothers choose to feature on the original cover of their single This Old Heart Of Mine? Oddly, a couple on a beach sitting around holding a beach ball. In the remix all we have done is wound on the story an hour or so to the point where all their clothes have fallen off and they are frolicking in the ocean with their beach ball. Obvious really!

Bus Stop - The Hollies 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bus Stop Hollies Original Cover Artwork of Bus Stop Hollies Another cover art remix prompted by a picture rather than by the song. What could be more normal than a woman standing at a Bus Stop with her panties around her ankles? Where on earth did these pinup artists get their ideas. Regardless, it's a good chance for a remix of a golden oldie, in this case a song from The Hollies whose original cover was OK but has no bus stop in it, natch.
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2 - All Girl Summer Fun Band 

Cover Artwork Remix of All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 Original Cover Artwork of All Girl Summer Fun Band 2 It comes to something when a band can only think of the name 2 for their second album, and sadly that fate has struck the All Girl Summer Fun Band. The original cover artwork shows nothing other than some effects pedals and two legs with shoes on the end of them all stylized in a fetching shade of shit brown. On the remix is a real life all girl summer fun band who seem to play their instruments in topless bikinis. Drum!
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Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Baccara 

Original Cover Artwork of Baccara Yes Sir Those halcyon disco days of the 1970s provide an almost inexhaustible supply of single covers that verge on the sexy but don't quite make it. This cover from Baccara's 1976 single Yes Sir, I Can Boogie shows the two singers from the band standing next to each other. In true doesn't-quite-make-it fashion, they are wearing relatively skimpy matching black and white dresses which fall down over their bodies in just the wrong way to allow any of the underlying shape to be seen. A secondary failure of this cover is that they are not boogying but just standing around looking almost sexy. A poor attempt that could have been sexified with just a little of extra thought, and a little less material.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Baccara Yes Sir The remixed cover deals with some of these failures. Gone are the two original 70's honeys, replaced by two alternative ladies from roughly the same era whose idea of dancewear, whilst remaining largely monochrome, is rather different in it's make-up (as is their make-up too). Overall, the amount of material in their outfits is probably not a lot different, but it is shaped and placed in such a way as to reveal the underlying shape of the wearer. And it seems as if the girl on the right is having trouble as the girl on the left appears to be having to hold her dress in place. Surely Sir could do that for them, in return for a boogie?

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Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard 

Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard Summer Hoilday Another fanmade cover for us to showcase. This time from Tim Marshall of Nottingham, England... We're all going on a Summer Holiday, or at least that's what Cliff Richard has us repeating everytime the sun comes out. This cover from the 1963 single (and film of the same name) has Mr Richard standing on a beach, and he appears to be singing. Is he on holiday? Unlikely, because if he was, the chances are he wouldn't be standing singing whilst someone took his picture. Is it summer? Difficult to tell, but let's give Mr Richard the benefit of the doubt on that. Are we all going with him? No. Nice try Mr Richard but a better lure is required to convince the world to go on a summer holiday to wherever it is you were at the time.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard Summer Holiday What is little know about the beaches in British holiday resorts in the 1960s is that they were rife with nudists. In fact, during the summer months, the whole British coastline was one great big nudist camp. This is one of the reasons that the foreign holiday business began to grow as reserved families were forced to take their children overseas to get away from the views of danging male gonads that flapped about wherever you looked. It was probably this propensity for nakedness that makes Mr Richard's song so cheerful and why he is so upbeat about going on a summer holiday. In the remixed cover we see a typical photograph taken on a British beach in the 1960s. It's just a shame that the scorn poured by other countries on British humor such as Benny Hill as forced the country to revise its laws so that nudity on British beaches no longer produces endless pictures of this calibre.

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Thanks Tim, keep those remixes coming.
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