Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Travis Why Does It Always Rain On Me Original Cover Artwork of Travis Why Does It Always Rain On Me Yes, summer is well and truly over. The sun has gone and the dreary rainy days are settling in. And what better way to not enjoy a dreary rainy day than to listen to a dreary song about rainy days. To the rescue is Scottish band Travis and their dreary song Why Does It Always Rain On Me. Perhaps it's because the covers of your singles are so dreary? The remix - well that's dreary too but at least you get to see a drawing of a babe in stockings. Torrential!

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves 

Original Cover Artwork of Katrina Waves Walking On Sunshine Cover Artwork Remix of Katrina Waves Walking On Sunshine Remix Cover Artwork Remix of Katrina Waves Walking On Sunshine Remix
What were Katrina And The Waves thinking when they put together the cover for their summer classic Walking On Sunshine? Of course, what could be more reminiscent of the sunshine than a black and white picture of the band members looking blankly at each other. Oddly, we couldn't decide what to show on the remixes either so there are two for you to enjoy. In the first of this triple-play we see a babe walking naked on a sunny beach. On the second we see a babe walking naked into the sea on a sunny beach. Which do you prefer? Hot to trot!
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Sunshine On A Rainy Day - Zoë 

Cover Artwork Remix of Zoe Sunshine On A Rainy Day Original Cover Artwork of Zoe Sunshine On A Rainy Day Sunshine On A Rainy Day. What would that look like. In most likelihood, there would be a rainbow involved, but that's not how we roll at AllBum.Art. Instead we prefer to be cheered up on a rainy day not by a picture of Zoë, or of a rainbow, but of a hot naked chick getting soaked to the skin in the pouring rain. Now that really would bring sunshine to any rainy day, or even to days when it's not raining at all. Blazing!
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Rain On Me - Ashanti 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ashanti Rain On Me Original Cover Artwork of Ashanti Rain On Me The original cover of Ashanti's 2003 single Rain On Me is what we at AllBum.Art would refer to as a 'denizen of deleted dealies', meaning, in particular, that it misses one totally critical dealy, that being any suggestion of rain. Thankfully such omissions are easily dealt with and in the remix we see a poor bedraggled and soaked babe who has been thoroughly rained on. Soggy!
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Purple Rain - Prince And The Revolution 

Cover Artwork Remix of Prince Purple Rain Original Cover Artwork of Prince Purple Rain As we draw to the end of our week of featured artist remixes, we drift away into a haze of evening mist, gently lit by the waning lunar disc and moistened by the most appalling thunder storm. Yes, that's what we think of when we hear Purple Rain by Prince And The Revolution. So just to make sure that's what we see too, this remix of the cover shows a more sedate and less cramped version of the scene. With a naked chick lying down and getting wet. Sodden!
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Rain - Status Quo 

Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo Rain Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo Rain And another in this week's remixes of Status Quo songs sent in by Mark Hodson of England. In this one, Rain, Mr Hodson says:
In the song, the Quo sing that they can't live without the rain. Now we all know plants need rain, but for a rock band, there must be a different reason why rain is so attractive and in my remix I have shown why.

Ah, so the reason they can't live without the rain is because there's a naked chick lying on the floor being soaked by it. That makes complete sense.
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I Can't Stand The Rain - Eruption 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eruption I Cant Stand The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Eruption I Cant Stand The Rain We got an e-mail from Maark Klempe from South Africa who said that although it might be summer in the northern hemisphere, it was the middle of winter where he lived and that we shouldn't be so insensitive by publishing lots of new cover art for summery songs. So here, especially for Maark is a remix of Eruption's 1978 single I Can't Stand The Rain. You'll be wanting us to return to Christmas songs next...
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Diving - 4 Strings 

Cover Artwork Remix of 4 Strings Diving Original Cover Artwork of 4 Strings Diving 'A song for the summer holiday for party peoples in the world' (according to Jan VanDoelen of Rotterdam who sent us this entry). Apparently 4 Strings are a Dutch trance group and Jan thinks that the cover for their single Diving lacks an essential ingredient, that being, 'some nice girl in a diving costume'. Couldn't agree more with you Jan. Thanks for the submission and nice to know that AllBum.Art is popular in the Nether-regions of Europe!
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It's Raining Again - Supertramp 

Cover Artwork Remix of Supertramp Raining Again Original Cover Artwork of Supertramp Raining Again With summer here, what better time than to focus on songs about rain! This 1982 song from Supertramp declares that It's Raining Again. The cover of the single, however, has to rate as a 'fail'. Not only is the band not visible, but the only thing to suggest any kind of rain is a picture of a hat. A hat, what about that? Not a cat, in a hat, but a hat, on it's own. All alone. So it's been remixed with a more rainy outlook. Sat, without a hat, is a cat (of a pussy kind).
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Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eurythmics Here Comes Rain Original Cover Artwork of Eurythmics Here Comes Rain There is no particular reason for having a bit of a run on Eurythmics songs other than they make good subjects for remixes. Here Comes The Rain Again is another melancholy performance from the band with a cover which is equally lugubrious, showing the band members sitting looking at a brown wall. No rain though - which is odd. That's why it's been remixed to show the rain, that's come again. And a girl, who seems to be enjoying it. Not so dreary after all, eh?

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