I See Right Through To You - DJ Encore Featuring Engelina 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dj Encore Engelina I See Right Through To You Original Cover Artwork of Dj Encore Engelina I See Right Through To You A reader submitted entry from Hemming Feddersen of Denmark. Apparently I See Right Through To You was the theme tune to the Danish version of Big Brother. No doubt DJ Encore Featuring Engelina made some capital from that old chestnut. Hemming tells us:
It's all very smart. The song has some good picture, so nice picture of seeing through to girl of clothes is best. Seeing-through to you!

Yeah, not quite right there Hemming but we get what you mean. Hoogly!

What Would You Do - City High 

Cover Artwork Remix of City High What Would You Do Original Cover Artwork of City High What Would You Do What Would You Do? That is the question being posed by City High. But in order to be able to answer that question, it is necessary that we understand the situation we find ourselves in. The original cover gives nothing with which to work. The remix paints a very different picture. We find ourselves in a situation where a (very) mature lady who is wearing nothing but a pair of high heels is trying to undress us. What do we do? Do we play along? Or are we not into her saggy curves? What would you do? Choose!
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Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sophie Ellis Bextor Take Me Home Original Cover Artwork of Sophie Ellis Bextor Take Me Home Whilst we in a vehicular mood, here's a remix for Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me) by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The original cover has a nice picture of Ms Ellis-Bextor, but gives no indication of why we might want to take her home. The remix shows a girl who definitely should be taken home. Either to find the clothes she has so obviously lost, or alternatively, well, you can work that out for yourself. Accelerate!

Mama Told Me Not To Come - Tom Jones And Stereophonics 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tom Jones Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come Original Cover Artwork of Tom Jones Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come Mama Told Me Not To Come. That is what Tom Jones And Stereophonics tell us. But why is it that Mama was so vehemently against us going along? The remix of the cover of the single tells the story. It's Mama herself. She is clearly planning something that she didn't want you to see. Exactly what it is that she is planning is clear from her pose. If you are of a sensitive disposition, you definitely should not remain around and next time, listen to Mama before you decide whether to come. Instructive!

Let The Sun Shine Thru - Richard F Featuring Samantha Stocks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Richard F Samantha Stocks Let The Sun Shine Thru Original Cover Artwork of Richard F Samantha Stocks Let The Sun Shine Thru A song so obscure that it doesn't even have a proper single cover, Let The Sun Shine Thru is an uplifting summer sound that deserves to be better known, even if Richard F Feat. Samantha Stocks remain locked away in the production studio. To help them, we have remixed the cover to let the sun truly shine thru by way of a sexy babe in a bikini that not only leaves little to the imagination but also shows just where the sun might shine if only the bikini were not there. Skintite!
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Shined On Me - Praise Cats Featuring Andrea Love 

Cover Artwork Remix of Praise Cats Shined On Me Original Cover Artwork of Praise Cats Shined On Me What could be more summery than having the sun shining down on your body. Well although Shined On Me by Praise Cats Feat. Andrea Love sums up this sunny disposition well, the cover does not. It seems that someone is hiding behind a dark curtain. Hardly very shiny. Thank goodness for the remixed cover artwork, where we see someone who fits the 'sun shining down on their body' description far better. Rainbow!
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Party In The U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus 

Cover Artwork Remix of Miley Cyrus Party Usa Original Cover Artwork of Miley Cyrus Party Usa Hey, it's the 4th of July, so what could be more patriotic than to remix the cover of a single that has USA in the title. Party In The U.S.A. was a 2009 hit for Miley Cyrus, who at the time was just breaking out of her Disney inspired cutesy phase and becoming an irksome teen. Now she is know for her lurid behavior so it only seems right to remix the cover of her single with a babe attired in more the kind of outfit we would expect Ms Cyrus to wear e.g. nothing at all. Stripey!
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Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spiller Bextor Groovejet Original Cover Artwork of Spiller Bextor Groovejet Now that the summer is with us, it's time to head out of the city and hit the beach. But how do we travel? By Greyhound? By Amtrak? No, by Groovejet of course! The original cover of Groovejet (It This Ain't Love) by Spiller shows a desert island in the setting sun - just the kind of place that a Groovejet should fly to. All we would add to this delightful destination is a naked babe and would you guess it, there she is in the remix! Marooned!

Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader 

Cover Artwork Remix of Toploader Dancing Moonlight Original Cover Artwork of Toploader Dancing Moonlight It's June 21st and do you know what that means? It's the longest day of the year. A day on which traditionally Scandinavians go mad, drinking and dancing in the midnight sun. So what better song to start the summer with than Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader. The remix shows a babe who is by a beach (good summery start) and is clearly dressed for a party in the moonlight. When we say 'clearly dressed for a party' we of course mean 'virtually naked'. Twinkly!

You Had Me - Joss Stone 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joss Stone You Had Me Original Cover Artwork of Joss Stone You Had Me Now where would YOU go if faced with remixing the cover of a song called You Had Me? That was the BIG question facing the team here at AllBum.Art when we found this song by Joss Stone. There are many things we could have remixed the cover with but in the end we went for a babe in a hotel room, leaning over a chair, with her ass in the air, her heels on the floor, and her panties around her ankles. Has she been had, or is that what happens next? Does it even matter? Bemusing!
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