Ready To Dare - AnnaGrace 

Cover Artwork Remix of Annagrace Ready To Dare Original Cover Artwork of Annagrace Ready To Dare We always welcome user submissions at AllBum.Art so we were pleased to receive this from Bart De Haan from Belgium. Bart says:
AnnaGrace is ready to dare in her dress, but on the remix, the lady is more daring without the dress.

We see where you're coming from Bart. Thank you for the remix and keep them coming. Sprout!
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Outside - Calvin Harris Featuring Ellie Goulding 

Cover Artwork Remix of Calvin Harris Ellie Goulding Outside Original Cover Artwork of Calvin Harris Ellie Goulding Outside It is clear that, on the original single front cover artwork for Outside by Calvin Harris Featuring Ellie Goulding, literally no effort was spared to represent the title of the song in picture format. What is shown is Ms Goulding kneeling down outside what looks like a car-port. On the remix, a young babe is also outside in a car-park but for reasons unknown appears to have removed all her clothes. Fine!
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Asshole - Dan Bryk 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dan Bryk Asshole Original Cover Artwork of Dan Bryk Asshole Is Dan Bryk an Asshole? From the looks of his photograph on the original album cover artwork, this may well be the case. Or is it just that he is a nut case? Either way the remix shows a different view, that of the ass of some big bouncy babe and you can see the whole of her ass, so an ass, whole. Would Mr Bryk like that? That is a question for which the answer makes no difference. Pink!
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Ms Fat Booty - Mos Def 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mos Def Ms Fat Booty Original Cover Artwork of Mos Def Ms Fat Booty Ripe for remixing is Ms Fat Booty by Mos Def. Why is this so? On the single artwork we find Mr Bey (for that is his real name) sitting on a stool. Where is Ms Fat Booty? She is nowhere to be found, at least not on the original cover. However, she can be seen very clearly on the remix and appears to be a bountifully boobed woman (BBW) who is happy to wave her fat booty around to teach her pupils whilst squatting on her desk. Lessons!
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Big Girls Are Best - U2 

Cover Artwork Remix of U Big Girls Are Best Original Cover Artwork of U2 Big Girls Are Best You would think, would you not, that a band such as U2 would be able to arrive at better front cover artwork for their single Big Girls Are Best, than just the name of the band, and the title of the song apparently on some kind of monochrome sticker? The remix, for example, actually illustrates some big girls who look good. Are they best, that depends on your personal outlook, but U2 must think so, otherwise they would not have named their song that way. Bow!
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Radio Bikini - The Vaccines 

Cover Artwork Remix of Vaccines Radio Bikini Original Cover Artwork of Vaccines Radio Bikini Today it is the turn of The Vaccines to be remixed. Their original single front cover artwork for Radio Bikini is very red, and shows the band members resting on and around a chair with various thing such as a bottle, a drink and a paper in their hands. The remix is also red, but shows a babe wearing headphones standing in front of a mixing desk in a bikini. If she is on the radio, this makes complete sense. If not, does it really matter? Crown!
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Someone To Love Me (Naked) - Mary J Blige Featuring Diddy & Lil Wayne 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mary J Blige Someone To Love Me Naked Original Cover Artwork of Mary J Blige Someone To Love Me Naked Is there any kind of single artwork that is less interesting than a black cover with just the name of the song and artists listed in white. That is what Mary J Blige Featuring Diddy & Lil Wayne managed to achieve on the cover of Someone To Love Me (Naked). On the remix is a babe who is taking flowers to someone she loves, and she is doing so naked. That is far more appropriate than the original black and white effort. Daisy!

Small Town Girl - Good Shoes 

Cover Artwork Remix of Good Shoes Small Town Girl Original Cover Artwork of Good Shoes Small Town Girl Why would a Small Town Girl be carrying a ray gun? That is the mystery that surrounds the original single front cover artwork of this song by Good Shoes. The remix does not help answer this question, but instead shows a girl from a small looking town, who is wearing a pair of good shoes. That's about all that can be said for this otherwise yellow and uninteresting original cover and remix. Weeds!
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Knockin' Boots - Candyman 

Cover Artwork Remix of Candyman Knockin Boots Original Cover Artwork of Candyman Knockin Boots We think we know where Candyman was going with his song Knockin' Boots. At least according to the original single front cover, the kind of boots he had in mind are quite clear. Thigh-high, PVC with a stiletto heel. The remix does little other than to zoom out from the original artwork to see what else the babe in the boots is wearing, and would you know it, the answer is nothing at all. Just the Knockin' Boots. Now it becomes clear how they got their title. Bang!
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