Love On The Run - Chicane Featuring Peter Cunnah 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chicane Love On The Run Original Cover Artwork of Chicane Love On The Run Chicane Featuring Peter Cunnah have got Love On The Run. This is totally obvious from the original single front cover artwork, as it has a large yellow sign that clearly states love is on the run, an instruction for pedestrians, no doubt. On the remix, a babe has taken up the instructions and appears to be on the run. Is her love on the run too? There isn't much that isn't on the run, except for most of her clothes, so you can only presume that love is on the run with her too. Also!
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Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On Original Cover Artwork of Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On Let us briefly examine the original front cover artwork for Turn Me On my Kevin Lyttle. Is there any sign of anything that is, or could be, a turn on? For example, is there a switch or electrical actuator of any type. Seems not. On the remix this is solved as we find a babe whose profession is as an electrician. How do we know this? Look at the electrical board in the top left that she has obviously been working on. How do we know she has been working on this? She is all dirty and is holding some electrical cable. Shocking!
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The Weekend - Michael Gray 

Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Gray The Weekend Original Cover Artwork of Michael Gray The Weekend Another remix for Michael Gray. We are not sure what goes on at The Weekend where Mr Gray lives, but it seems to involve going into the office to watch a sexy secretary dance around the Xerox machine. On the remix we have taken this one step further and gone into the stationery cupboard and instead of dancing around the photocopier, we have let our babe sit on the copy machine. She decided to do this wearing nothing but red high heels. Now that's more like the weekend. Saturday!
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Nothing - A 

Cover Artwork Remix of A Nothing Original Cover Artwork of A Nothing Yes, believe it or not, there is (or was) and band called A who sang a song whose title was Nothing. You can't make this stuff up. On the original single cover artwork we find the letter A, the word nothing and some band members in black and white, which is almost nothing. On the remix we find a babe who is so incredibly flat-chested that to all intents and purposes, she has nothing, A? Maybe the band were Canadian or something. Maybe the babe is Canadian. Hell, let's all be Canadian for the day. A!
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Walking Away - Craig David 

Cover Artwork Remix of Craig David Walking Away Original Cover Artwork of Craig David Walking Away It might just be us, but we fail to see how the original front cover single artwork for Walking Away by Craig David could picture Mr David in a pose where he is in any position to walk. Not least he has his eyes closed which can make walking very hazardous, but he also appears to be leaning back slightly which would throw him off balance. Thankfully on the remix we find a babe who was so disgruntled with Mr David's pose that she decided to walk away. She seems to have needed to squeeze her own ass in the process. Maybe it was a bit itchy. Handsome!
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The Climb - Miley Cyrus 

Cover Artwork Remix of Miley Cyrus The Climb Original Cover Artwork of Miley Cyrus The Climb To be completely honest, we don't know why Miley Cyrus didn't already think of the obvious picture to go on the original front cover single artwork for The Climb, given her propensity for taking her clothes off and doing dangerous stuff with wrecking balls and all that. But no, just a picture of Ms Cyrus leaning on a slight incline - no climbing skills required there. On the remix, a naked babe climbing a rock-face with no safety gear. Now that is dangerous. Fall!
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Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jennifer Hudson Spotlight Original Cover Artwork of Jennifer Hudson Spotlight The one thing that seems to be missing from the original single front cover artwork of Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson is much light. Whilst Ms Hudson's face is lit, if that is by a spotlight then it is clearly in need of a new bulb. On the remix we find a babe who is in an equally dark place but whose spotlight has got a shiny new bulb in it, as it is lighting her up very successfully. Why she is leaning on a wall in nothing but her lingerie is another mystery. Trouper!
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Let It Rain - 4 Strings 

Cover Artwork Remix of 4 Strings Let It Rain Original Cover Artwork of 4 Strings Let It Rain Not necessarily a request that everyone would endorse but 4 Strings want to Let It Rain. There are occasions when such a request might have merit but the original single cover artwork doesn't indicate this, instead we just see the singer and no indication of the level of precipitation. On the remix we find a babe who is prepared for precipitation, having, as she does, an Umbrella to keep her dry and some boots to keep her feet from getting wet. Sorted!
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American Dream - Jakatta 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jakatta American Dream Original Cover Artwork of Jakatta American Dream It's the Fourth of July, so we thought we would do something patriotic and remix the cover artwork for a song with an American theme. American Dream by Jakatta seemed like the ideal choice. Not only was the original cover artwork so bad, but the remix is so good. What could be more dreamy for Independence Day than a hot American babe wearing stars and stripes heels, and a stars and stripes crop-top looking dreamy. Yoo Ess Ey!
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Photograph - Nickelback 

Cover Artwork Remix of Nickelback Photograph Original Cover Artwork of Nickelback Photograph We can't believe it has taken us quite so long to get around to remixing some cover artwork from Nickelback. Today it is the turn of their 2005 single Photograph. ON the original front cover we find some photographs which may contain the band members (though it's difficult to tell as their heads have been covered up). On the remix we find a babe who is taking a photograph. Maybe it was her that was the original photographer for the cover which is why no-one was really focusing on being in frame. Snap!
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