First Time - M-22 Featuring Medina 

Cover Artwork Remix of M 22 Medina First Time Original Cover Artwork of M 22 Medina First Time What does the First Time look like? If the original single front cover artwork produced by M-22 Featuring Medina is our guide, then the first time looks like two diagonal stripes drawn with a felt tip pen that is running out of ink. On the remix we find a babe who has decided to expose herself in public. How do we know this is her first time? She has made a few rookie mistakes. The biggest of these is that she has knelt down at exactly the height that means that the text on the single cover is covering her singularity (if you know what we mean, as she doesn't). Dunce!
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Those Shoes - Eagles 

Cover Artwork Remix of Eagles Those Shoes Original Cover Artwork of Eagles Those Shoes Another remix for the Eagles, in the form of Those Shoes. The original cover artwork shows the band members looking rather annoyed at something, but there are no signs of any shoes. The remix shows a babe lying on a bed wearing very little other than a pair of shoes. Was this what the band members were looking at? If so, why were they so annoyed looking? Nothing makes any sense any more. Earrings!
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Give Me The Night - Fausto Papetti 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Original Cover Artwork of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Those crazy Europeans and their kinky album covers. Here, Fausto Papetti shows us how if you Give Me The Night, in return you can expect a naked babe wearing high heels to blow bubbles around on the original cover artwork. There's not much we, here at AllBum.Art could improve upon, but we like to try. The remix shows an equally naked babe in high heels, but she hasn't got any bubbles to blow. Maybe this is the first time the remix is less good than the original?
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Cherry Pie - Warrant 

Cover Artwork Remix of Warrant Cherry Pie Original Cover Artwork of Warrant Cherry Pie A pie, being carried by a busty waitress in roller skates. How do we know it is a Cherry Pie? Because Warrant inform us by picturing s a big cherry at the top of the original album cover artwork. On the remix little has changed, other than that the waitress has dropped the pie, and with it, all her clothes appear to have fallen off too. At least she kept her roller skates on. No good as a waitress though, dropping pies everywhere. Butterfingers!
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Stiletto - Lita Ford 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lita Ford Stiletto Original Cover Artwork of Lita Ford Stiletto It's obvious isn't it? To make a great album cover all you need to do is incorporate the band or singer, and something connected with the title. On the front cover of Lita Ford's album Stiletto, you would expect to find a picture of Ms Ford, and something stiletto. Ms Ford is there, but no stiletto. The remix also fails in this respect, as it has two stiletto's, but Ms Ford's head has been cut off. Decapitate!
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Horses And High Heels - Marianne Faithfull 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marianne Faithfull Horses And High Heels Original Cover Artwork of Marianne Faithfull Horses And High Heels When Marianne Faithfull starts singing about Horses And High Heels, you know you are in for a doozy of an album cover. On the original artwork there is a horse, and next to it some red high heels, so full marks for that. Why both are on a beach and no-one is wearing the high heels is somewhat unknown. On the remix we find a babe wearing high heels, sitting on a horse. It couldn't get any simpler. Fishnet!
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Walking All Over My Love - Judy Cheeks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Judy Cheeks Walking All Over My Love Original Cover Artwork of Judy Cheeks Walking All Over My Love Judy Cheeks is Walking All Over My Love with Fascination. To illustrate this, the original front cover artwork of her single shows Ms Cheeks in a sparkly dress and it also appears that one of her fingers has the ability to sparkle too. On the remix, a babe is simply walking away. She may be walking away from love, as she appears to have left all her clothes behind, except for her shoes that is. Stroll!

Metal Fighter - Mass 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mass Metal Fighter Original Cover Artwork of Mass Metal Fighter Here's an interesting album cover from Mass. The original artwork shows a gothic looking babe wearing stiletto heel boots standing on top of an alien. Perhaps the metal is in the whip she is holding in her hand. On the remix, the alien has taken back control and the babe seems to have been dominated. To be honest, none of it makes much sense, but it will look nice on your mp3 player!
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Awfully Deep - Roots Manuva 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roots Manuva Awfully Deep Original Cover Artwork of Roots Manuva Awfully Deep What aspect of the original front cover artwork for Awfully Deep by Roots Manuva is Awfully Deep? Is it that the courtroom scene pictured, was in a room that is fifteen stories underground. Or is it that the scene is metaphorically deep in some psychological way? Meh. The remix simply shows a babe swimming underwater without a bikini or any breathing equipment. This is just as deep. Plunge!
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Queen Of Chinatown - Amanda Lear 

Cover Artwork Remix of Amanda Lear Queen Of Chinatown Original Cover Artwork of Amanda Lear Queen Of Chinatown It is uncertain on what basis Amanda Lear proclaims herself Queen Of Chinatown. If the front cover artwork is to be believed, all that is necessary is to sit cross-legged on the floor in red boots and a black body suit. The remix does away with the boots, replacing them with yellow stilettos, and the black body suit is gone as well but the cross-leggedness remains. Princess!
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