Love Is In The Air - Milk And Sugar Versus John Paul Young 

Cover Artwork Remix of Milk+sugar Vs John Paul Young Original Cover Artwork of Milk+sugar Vs John Paul Young Love Is In The Air was originally a hit for John Paul Young in the 1970s. This remixed cover is, appropriately, for the remixed version released by dance act Milk And Sugar in 2001. The original cover is very clearly missing something. The three guys are staring into space looking for the love in the air but it's not there. We have added it so it's now clear, though the remixed cover is more Love Is In The Water than in the air. Do you care? Thought not.
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Hey, Soul Sister - Train 

Cover Artwork Remix of Train Hey Soul Sister Original Cover Artwork of Train Hey Soul Sister The cover for Train's 2009 hit Hey, Soul Sister is one of the most dull covers that we at AllBum.Art have ever zzz..... Sorry, dropped off there. Good job the cover has had a remix which both awakens the senses and shows us the soul sister that Train are singing about. Apparently it's one of the babes show, though exactly which one isn't clear. Perhaps they're both soul sisters - that would make sense wouldn't it?
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Fallen Angel - Elbow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Elbow Fallen Angel Original Cover Artwork of Elbow Fallen Angel Are we gettin' a bit obscure on you? There's good reason though. Fallen Angel is a song by obscure British band Elbow. It charted at number 844 and rose stratospherically to reach number 841 in the English Hot 100. Yeah! Why is it here, just because the remix couldn't have a better title than Fallen Angel, that fact is in no way obscure, though oddly, the location of the title has obscured certain parts of the angel. Perhaps there is still a short way to fall. This way please...
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Poni Hoax - Poni Hoax 

Cover Artwork Remix of Poni Hoax Original Cover Artwork of Poni Hoax OriginalTrent Bridges of Alabama contacted us to ask if we had seen the page on Wikipedia that discussed controversial album art as he said it would be the kind of thing we would like. It seems that there is some album art around that doesn't necessarily need a make-over or remix by AllBum.Art. But that doesn't stop us trying! Here we see one of the pieces of album art that lists as controversial from a French band called Poni Hoax. It shows a naked girl sitting on a chair holding an owl whose wings are covering part of her naked body. Owls, like many birds, flap their wings and in the remix, the owl has moved to reveal even more of the naked girl. So it is possible to remix already good artwork. More of this to follow...
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Black And Gold - Sam Sparro 

Cover Artwork Remix of Sam Sparro Black Gold Original Cover Artwork of Sam Sparro Black Gold Black And Gold. The title alone inspired the idea for a remix for Sam Sparro's 2008 single. Black, as in a pretty lady of african-american descent. Gold as in a pretty lady of caucasian descent who has got a nice sun tan. Could such a picture be found? Of course it could! And so in the remix of Mr Sparro's single cover, this is exactly what we have: Black. And Gold. Sitting, for some reason, on pedestals. Whatever!
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My Pumps - Erickatoure Aviance 

Cover Artwork Remix of Erickatoure Aviance My Pumps Original Cover Artwork of Erickatoure Aviance My Pumps What would you expect to find on the front artwork for a single entitled My Pumps? Perhaps the most likely thing for you to expect to find would be some pumps? Not so, according to Ericatoure Aviance. Instead, the original cover just shows Ms Aviance. On the remix we find a babe who is wearing a fetching pair of pink and yellow pumps, sitting on a chair with her hands in the air, presumably in protest over the poor standard of the original cover. Aqua!
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Red High Heels - Kellie Pickler 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kelly Pickler Red Heels Original Cover Artwork of Kelly Pickler Red Heels If ever a song were cut out to have its cover remixed, it's this 2006 song from country chicken Kellie Pickler. What a chance she missed to have a classic cover when she released Red High Heels. Small Town Girl she might be, but that doesn't mean that the cover has to have a small town feel to it. The remixed version is how it should have looked. A curvy country gal wearing red high heels. And nothing more!
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A Bad Dream - Keane 

Cover Artwork Remix of Keane A Bad Dream Original Cover Artwork of Keane A Bad Dream It is reasonable to suggest that hot air balloons with scary painted faces, or shaped like fish, may be some people's idea of A Bad Dream. In fact, it is the interpretation of a bad dream that Keane use on the original front cover of their single. On the remix is a different kind of bad dream, the kind when you come home late from a bar thinking you've picked up some horny cougar when instead all you get is a saggy old bird. Turkey!
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Straight Up No Bends - Brian Harvey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Brian Harvey Straight Up No Bends Original Cover Artwork of Brian Harvey Straight Up No Bends Brian Harvey brings us Straight Up No Bends today. From the color scheme on his single cover, he may be referring to being underwater, for there is nothing else to indicate what is up or what might be causing the bends. On the remix a bane stands straight up with hardly and bends, or curves for that matter. Maybe she is wearing the remnants of a wet suit, which may be why Mr Harvey was underwater. Dive!
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Get The Party Started - Pink 

Cover Artwork Remix of Pink Get The Party Started Original Cover Artwork of Pink Get The Party Started Get The Party Started by Pink might be regarded as a party classic. The picture on the front cover artwork indicates that the way to get a party started is to rip off your clothes. The remix shows the next stage in getting the party going. Once clothes have been ripped off, the next action is to fill a glass of wine and raise it above your head. Presumably the next stage is to pour the wine over your naked body? Slosh!
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