Love Is In The Air - Milk And Sugar Versus John Paul Young 

Cover Artwork Remix of Milk+sugar Vs John Paul Young Original Cover Artwork of Milk+sugar Vs John Paul Young Love Is In The Air was originally a hit for John Paul Young in the 1970s. This remixed cover is, appropriately, for the remixed version released by dance act Milk And Sugar in 2001. The original cover is very clearly missing something. The three guys are staring into space looking for the love in the air but it's not there. We have added it so it's now clear, though the remixed cover is more Love Is In The Water than in the air. Do you care? Thought not.
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Slippery When Wet - Bon Jovi 

Original Cover Artwork of Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet An album title waiting to be remixed if ever there was one. In fact a quick Internet search will reveal many remixed and fanmade covers for this 1986 album from Bon Jovi that immediately recognise the idea that there are many things that are Slippery When Wet but few more commonplace, or aesthetically pleasing, than a pair of boobs. The original cover shows nothing more than the words 'slippery when wet' scrawled upon what appears to be the glass screen of a shower that has been splattered with droplets of water. Oh, and of course the all important name of the band as well - but notably none of the band members - nor the person responsible for scrawling the words on the shower glass are in any way prominent.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet In the remixed version, what has happened is that the person who was placed in the shower by the photographic team has moved such that she is now in the shot. Whilst we cannot see her face, it does appear that she has gotten wet whilst being involved in the photoshoot. What is a little odd is that she seems to have taken the opportunity of being in the shower to cover her body in some kind of oil. Maybe this was to repel the water that was clearly involved in making the album cover. The net result is that she appears to be both very wet and very very slippery. It seems quite possible that this was one of the requirements of the photographer but as she doesn't appear on the original cover, it seems a lot to ask. It's fitting that she should make it onto the remixed cover so that her efforts are not in vain, and are instead recognised for the valuable contribution that they make.

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Cold As Ice - Foreigner 

Original Cover Artwork of Foreigner Cold As Ice The cover of this 1977 single from soft rock legendeña¹ Foreigner looks like something that a college student has hand-drawn during their lunchbreak. It does appear to show the band members, but in almost cartoon form. Why they are wearing long raincoats and are stood amongst some old-style leather luggage is, frankly, neither clear, nor important. The color of their faces would not, at first glance, demonstrate any kind of low temperature environment being flushed with rosy cheeks. Even at a second glance, the solution to this anomoly does not reveal itself in any meaningful way. But then again, the lyrics of the song 'you're as cold as ice' suggest that it may not be the band themselves who are chilly, but the person (presumably female) that they are singing about.

¹ legendeña is esperanto for not-quite-legends

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Cover Artwork Remix of Foreigner Cold As Ice The Internet, of course, can find anything even a long lost picture of a freezing cold girl being song about by a soft rock bandoola². And here she is - the girl that Foreigner are singing about. The Internet tells us that her name is Glacia and, common sense tells us that she is literally, as cold as ice. This is not because she has mutated genes which enable her body temperature to sink to 32F, but instead that someone has mistakenly left her standing in an ice cold field with no clothes on, or at least none that are visible. It seems much more appropriate that the cover for the single should feature Glacia than it should the band themselves and this is exactly what this revision of the artwork depicts. Cold As Ice? Definitely.

² bandoola is esperanto for almost-worthy-of-being-called-a-classic-band

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Set Fire To The Rain - Adele 

Original Cover Artwork of Adele Set Fire To The Rain Buxom British babe Adele's 2011 song Set Fire To The Rain is something of an enigma. The cover for the single shows Adele but gives no indicate of how the act of setting fire to rain is to be carried out. When it comes to setting fire to rain, then this is a bit of a thorny problem. On Earth at least, the fact that rain is made of water tends to rule out any flammability. So it must be that the rain in question would be on another planet where the atmosphere is made of volatile hydrocarbons such that the rain can be ignited. This would also require the air to have some oxygen content and, if not handled carefully, could result in the complete planet being burned to a crisp. It seems unlikely then, that Ms Adkins is singing about setting fire to rain in a literal sense, but more in a metaphoric one.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Adele Set Fire To The Rain How, then, does one set fire to rain metaphorically. One option might be to shine orange light into the rain and make each droplet appear to be on fire, though the fact that when it hit the floor, it would extinguish any existing fires would make this rather pointless in many ways. The option that makes most sense from a 'cover of a single' perspective, is that setting fire relates more to making the rain appear hot, and by appear, this is not raising its temperature, but adding something that is aesthetically 'hot', and by aesthetically hot, this does not mean just the color orange. What could possibly be hotter than a naked girl, except perhaps two naked girls. The revised cover features just this juxtaposition - a naked girl in some rain - who is metaphorically setting fire to the rain by being a hottie. Whether this is what is meant by Ms Adkins is not certain but it is sufficient, aesthetically speaking, to decode the enigma hidden in the song's lyrics.

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Naked In The Rain - Blue Pearl 

Original Cover Artwork of Blue Pearl Naked In Rain As titles for songs go, the 1990 hit from Blue Pearl called Naked In The Rain is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to possible twists on the cover art for the single. The original cover shows a blue pearl, which is one of the rarest colours of pearl. The pearl is sat amidst some material which appears to be silk and is also blue in colour. It could be argued that as the pearl is not covered up, it is naked. There is no rain though and although the title of the song is Naked In The Rain, the lyrics make it quite clear that the idea is to go 'dancing naked in the rain'. Pearls, being blobs of calcium carbonate, are unlikely to be able to go dancing and thus the cover of the single, whilst a good attempt, does fail to reflect the charisma of the song.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Pearl Naked In Rain In the revised version, we find a naked girl (or at least she appears naked from the waist upwards, and it must therefore be presumed, especially as she is clearly quite wet, that she hasn't bothered to dress at all). The naked girl is standing in what looks like rain, though given the fact that it is dark, it is not clear whether this is real rain or simulated rain. Either way, water is pouring in drops and covering her body. Is she dancing? Well, she's not having a shower (you can tell because she isn't all soapy and her pose is not one that is normally associated with showering). She may not be dancing, but she is striking a pose so maybe she is dancing to Madonna's Vogue? There does not appear to be a pearl in the picture, but that is not the case - the naked girl is called 'Pearl' and is clearly a precious jewel too.

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