When You Look At Me - Christina Milan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Christina Milian When You Look At Me Original Cover Artwork of Christina Milian When You Look At Me What do you see When You Look At Me? According to the original single front cover artwork by Christina Milan, what you see is Ms Milan lying on her bed. But who is doing the looking? On the remix we find someone doing the looking, who in this case is some sweaty old dude. He is looking directly at a babe who appears to be largely naked, at least her ass is. What does he see when he looks at her? As we can only see her behind, we may never know. Tattoo!
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Reflections Of My Life - Marmalade 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marmalade Reflections Of My Life Original Cover Artwork of Marmalade Reflections Of My Life It's always nice to be able to update 50 year old artwork for singles, and Reflections Of My Life by Marmalade is just such an opportunity. The original front cover just shows the band members, which is not uncommon for artwork from the 1960s. The remix shows a babe standing against a clean window that is causing strong reflections of her body (a.k.a. life). It looks as if she lives quite a good life, as is reflected in her odd attire, being just her high heel sandals. Mirrored!
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Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maria Mckee Show Me Heaven Original Cover Artwork of Maria Mckee Show Me Heaven Maria McKee makes a big thing, on the original single cover artwork for Show Me Heaven, that the song is taken from the motion picture soundtrack Days Of Thunder. What is less apparent is any sign of heaven. On the remix we find a babe who is showing heaven in her own way. That way is by wearing a halo and standing around in a skimpy, and even in places see-through, outfit that kind of has angel wings. Heavenly!
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When You're Gone - Bryan Adams Featuring Melanie C 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Adams When Youre Gone Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Adams When Youre Gone What happens When You're Gone? According to the original single front cover artwork by Bryan Adams Featuring Melanie C, the answer is very blurry, and may or may not involve trailers or trains (it is far to indistinct to be able to tell). On the remix things become clearer as when you're gone, a babe wearing naught more than a long coat and high heels, stands by the roadside pining for your return. That much is definitely not blurry. Away!
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Sweet Dreams - La Bouche 

Cover Artwork Remix of La Bouche Sweet Dreams Original Cover Artwork of La Bouche Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams are made of this, or in this case, are made of La Bouche. At least, if your idea of sweet dreams are the two band members standing with their legs crossed against a white background, then you are going to be happy. On the remix, a curvy babe is walking up the stairs, presumably to go to bed and dream, and her stance suggests that she would be quite happy for you to join her. Even if you don't, it seems that the thought of doing so may well give you sweet dreams. Cake!
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Shine - Luther Vandross 

Cover Artwork Remix of Luther Vandross Shine Original Cover Artwork of Luther Vandross Shine Luther Vandross has got some Shine. On the original single front cover artwork this is clearly illustrated by the fact that Mr Vandross is wearing a black sweater and is standing against a very (un)bright grey and pink background. On the remix we find a babe who has umpteenth more shine than Mr Vandross, which is largely caused by the fact that she is wearing red latex gloves and a matching red latex dress, which have been well polished until they are super shiny. Slippery!
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All Mine - Portishead 

Cover Artwork Remix of Portishead All Mine Original Cover Artwork of Portishead All Mine Portishead seem to think that a good representation of the title of their single All Mine would be to have a young girl standing in a dress with a P on it, holding what looks like the detonator to an explosive vest (one that she does not appear to be wearing). On the remix is a babe who can rightly claim that it is all hers, as she demonstrates what it is that is all hers through the medium of balloon modelling (isn't that what she is doing?) Pump!
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Curtain Falls - Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Curtain Falls Original Cover Artwork of Blue Curtain Falls The Curtain Falls on Blue. As you can clearly see from the original single front cover artwork, this involved a blue curtain having fallen behind where the band members are standing. If anything, then, the remix is less accurate as the curtain is red, and hasn't quite fallen yet. The babe standing between the curtains does, though, look a little blue (in the melancholy sense). Perhaps stick with the original? Swap!
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People Are Strange - Echo And The Bunnymen 

Cover Artwork Remix of Echo And The Bunnymen People Are Strange Original Cover Artwork of Echo And The Bunnymen People Are Strange It's not just that People Are Strange, but taking a look at the front cover artwork for this single by Echo And The Bunnymen, it's also the designer's notion of what a cover might look like that is strange. Wearing a fruit bowl for a hat is obviously what passed for strange in the 1980s. The remix doesn't change this idea, but instead of wearing a fruit bowl as a hat, we find a babe who is wearing one as a bra, which is handy as she is in dire need of one. Odd!
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Gorilla - Bruno Mars 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bruno Mars Gorilla Original Cover Artwork of Bruno Mars Gorilla Whilst we're dealing with Bruno Mars Bar, here's another remix. The original single front cover artwork for Gorilla shows what appears to be a naked babe lying down on a bed next to a gorilla. The remix turns the clock back an hour or so to when the same babe was enticing the gorilla into her grasp by offering him a banana, which the gorilla seems keen to accept. The question is whether he is more interested in the banana than the babe. Monkey!
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