Through The Rain - Mariah Carey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mariah Carey Through The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Mariah Carey Through The Rain When Mariah Carey sings Through The Rain, you can almost sense the raindrops on your back. But when you look at the original single cover artwork you only see Ms Carey, her name, the title of the song and a butterfly. On the remix we find a pert babe who is definitely enjoying herself through the rain, using it, as she seems to be, to take a shower. We kept the butterfly for good measure. Deluge!
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Kiss The Rain - Billie Myers 

Cover Artwork Remix of Billie Myers Kiss The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Billie Myers Kiss The Rain Aha, so when Billie Myers tells us to Kiss The Rain, what she means it that we should stand against a wall with a dim blue-grey light casting darkening shadows. Great, if that's your thing. For us, however, we would be much more inclined to kiss the aforementioned rain if there was something worth getting wet for, such a cute busty babe. Well, would you credit it, that's exactly what you can find in the remix. Amazing how often that happens, isn't it? Precipitate!
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Queen Of Rain - Roxette 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roxette Queen Of Rain Original Cover Artwork of Roxette Queen Of Rain Though our short run of automotive related remixes is now over, we have at least managed to connect today's remix to yesterday's through the medium of having the same band, in this case Nordic nightingales Roxette. Today it is their single Queen Of Rain that has hit the AllBum.Art remixing slab. We will ignore the lackluster original cover and just point out that on the remix there is a babe (whose royal provenance is not proven) but who clearly enjoys a heavy downpour. Drench!
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Spring Rain - Silvetti 

Cover Artwork Remix of Silvetti Spring Rain Original Cover Artwork of Silvetti Spring Rain Spring Rain (or Lluvia De Primavera as it was originally known) was a 1977 hit for Bebu Silvetti (or Silvetti for short). We tell you this as this is one of those tracks that is so obscure that you might think we had made it up otherwise just so that we could remix it. The original cover shows a babe, in the rain, holding an umbrella and little else. The remix shows the same thing, except this time the babe is holding an umbrella and wearing little else. Brolly!
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It Keeps Rainin' (Tears From My Eyes) - Bitty Mclean 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bitty Mclean It Keeps Rainin Original Cover Artwork of Bitty Mclean It Keeps Rainin A reggae song about rain. On the one hand, it does rain a lot in the Caribbean, being tropical and all. On the other, keeping raining does not make a good tourist advertisement for the region. So kudos to Bitty Mclean for his song It Keeps Rainin' (Tears From My Eyes) for balancing out these contradictory confabulations. The only problem - the cover of his single shows no rain. The remix, however, does show rain and continues the contradictory confabulations by having both the damp, dismalness of the rain and the delightful delicacy of a babe who is clearly very, very, soggy. Damp!

Too Cold - Roots Manuva 

Cover Artwork Remix of Roots Manuva Too Cold Original Cover Artwork of Roots Manuva Too Cold As February draws to a close and the mercury begins to rise, we close the month with a chilly cover remix of Too Cold by Roots Manuva. On the original cover of the single, we see Mr Smith (easy to see why he chose a different stage name) being the subject of a police raid. On the remix, something far more chilling. A naked girl standing by a lake on a freezing cold day having a bucket of ice water thrown over her. ALS challenge anyone?
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It Will Rain - Bruno Mars 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bruno Mars It Will Rain Original Cover Artwork of Bruno Mars It Will Rain For reasons that are not adequately explored, the AllBum.Art remix team are particularly fond of remixes involving rain. Today's remix is It Will Rain by no stranger to our remixes, Bruno Mars. On the original cover we see a silhouette of someone sitting on a chair holding an umbrella and what looks like a wine bottle. On the remix we see a sexy babe holding an umbrella in the rain. Shielded!
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I Made It Through The Rain - Barry Manilow 

Cover Artwork Remix of Barry Manilow I Made It Through The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Barry Manilow I Made It Through The Rain There was a time when it was totally unfashionable to listen to Barry Manilow. That time is still with us, but things can be improved with a decent remix. Or an indecent remix. Either way, this remix of I Made It Through The Rain replaces a rather grey and grainy picture of Mr Manilow with a babe who may have made it through the rain, but has accidentally sat under a bucket of water with holes in it. Splosh!

Laughter In The Rain - Neil Sedaka 

Cover Artwork Remix of Neil Sedaka Laughter In The Rain Original Cover Artwork of Neil Sedaka Laughter In The Rain Another in our ongoing 'rain' series... In the song Laughter In The Rain, Neil Sedaka tells us that he is walking hand-in-hand with the one he loves. On the cover, though, he is just sitting around in a very fetching 1970s shirt that has clearly been nowhere near any rain, nor is there any sign of him having fun or holding hands. In the remix, these errors are corrected and though Mr Sedaka is no longer visible, there are two babes hand-in-hand walking through the rain and they seem to be having a good time, or at least they have had a good time as evident from the wine they are drinking and the fact that all their clothes have fallen off. Drenched!
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I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins 

Cover Artwork Remix of Phil Collins Wish It Would Rain Down Original Cover Artwork of Phil Collins Wish It Would Rain Down Continuing in the 'rain' series, here's a remix of I Wish It Would Rain Down by Phil Collins. On the original single cover we see Mr Collins looking like he was hoping to go on a picnic but that the rain stopped him and he's irked. Now the shame of it is that on the remix we can see what awaited him at the picnic had he bothered to get a plastic mac and head out into the storm. Anyone got a picnic basket they don't mind getting wet? Yogi! banner

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