I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry 

Original Cover Artwork of Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl What a can of worms is opened up by Katy Perry in her 2008 song I Kissed A Girl. Not since the blatant lesbianism in the video for All The Things She Said by Russian teen group t.A.T.u. has the subject of girl on girl love made it to the Hot 100. Ms Perry's take on the issue is simply that the fact that the girl she kissed had put cherry flavoured chapstic on her lips made it alright. It is true though, is it not, that if someone has put chapstic on their lips, either it is a cold winter's day or they have sore lips, or both. So it may not have been such a good move and it's difficult to see how the cherry flavor would have made the whole situation anything less than awkward.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl What is lacking from the artwork for the original cover of the single is any evidence that this kissing of girls has taken place. Ms Perry is standing alone. In the remixed cover, a shot from a scene where such kissing has taken place (quite feasibly for the very first time) has become the backdrop. Two girls, taking a tentative kiss at a crowded party are shown. Whether either of them is using a chapstic or other wax based lip protectant is not evidenced from the picture. Nor is there any obvious evidence that either girl liked it, though there is evidence that they probably like each other, and that the party has been going for quite some time as they appear to have stripped from their waists upwards.

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Yellow - Coldplay 

Original Cover Artwork of Yellow ColdplayOur Canadian friend Micheal Boob-lay presents lots of opportunities to play around with the artwork covering his singles and albums. It seems our British friends Coldplay offer a similarly wide range of opportunities. The twist here is in 'cold play', as in playing outside in the cold. Thankfully there are lots of songs to choose from, nearly as many as there are pictures of hot babes in cold snowy situations. It seems appropriate then, to start with one of Coldplay's earliest singles, Yellow. Their cover has a yellow flower on a yellow background. How inventive!

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Cover Artwork Remix of Yellow Coldplay So how do you fuse cold, play and the color yellow into an alternative picture. Well the obvious one is to have a sexy babe peeing in some snow and thereby turning it yellow. The problem here is that most such pictures contravene the 'Allbum.Art tits and bums only policy' (there is no such policy but the idea is not to make pornographic covers, just sexy, cheeky ones). So here is a girl, who is hot, naked and in the snow, and clearly desperate to pee. The yellow will therefore follow but she is obviously playing in the cold. More cold play remixed single and album covers to follow no doubt, especially while the winter weather leads naturally to thoughts of naked chicks playing in the snow.

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Girls - Sugababes 

Original Cover Artwork of Sugababes Girls Another entry submitted to us from a keen user of our remixed album art. This one comes from Dennie Macnamara from Belfast, Ireland. He says that the song Girls by the Sugababes is very popular in his country for a number of good reasons. Firstly, it's one of those anthems that girls like to show off to and when played in a nightclub often results in a lot of raunchy dancing. Secondly, the Sugababes are, he says, 'quite cute themselves'. And finally the title of the song is almost ideally placed for a remix into something different. The cover shows the three Sugababes who appear to be dancing about a bit - actually ticking all the boxes in that (a) it shows the Sugababes and (b) it shows girls - thereby fully fulfilling the function of the cover.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Sugababes Girls Dennie sent this remixed cover of which he says, 'I thought that the title Girls really should be accompanied by a cover which shows more than just the 3 Sugababes. Three girls is OK but if you were told that you were going to a party where there would be girls, you would expect more than 3. So I made this remixed version. There are 8 girls, which feels like a much better number and I wouldn't mind feeling any of the girls from amongst that number!' Well done Dennie, this is a good remix. It would be better still if the girls were 'dirty dancing' in the way that you say happens when this song is played in nightclubs where you live. Busty babes dancing topless can be a recipe for disaster, but this lot don't look energetic enough to cause any such disaster to occur.

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Umbrella - Rihanna 

Original Cover Artwork of Rihanna Umberella Rihanna's 2007 hit Umbrella was arguably the biggest selling song of 2007 in most countries around the world. The chorus's refrain of 'you can stand under by umber ella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey, under my umber ella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey' marks what must be the pinnacle of lyric writing being second only to the lyrics from LL Cool J's 2003 song Paradise which includes the line 'Belly to belly, one hand on the jelly, at the telly on the celly, get that money Ellie' - truly masterful words. The cover of the single has Ms Fenty posing with, guess what, an umber ella ella ella, hey hey hey. It seems someone has thrown a bucket of water at her and whilst in the picture she appears to be dry, she must surely have gotten soaked when the water hit as her umber ella ella ella, hey hey hey, is far too weedy to deal with that level of precipitation.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna Umberella Now obviously, the cover of Ms Fenty's single ticks every possible box in that it shows Ms Fenty, and an umber ella ella ella, hey hey hey. There is not much that can be done to improve upon this. But the song does lead itself to having its cover replaced by some alternatives and that is what AllBum.Art is all about. In this first revision, Ms Fenty has been replaced by a different lady (though arguably Ms Fenty is no lady). The new lady (though arguably in that get-up she is no lady either) is carrying an umbrella but little else. It appears she may have been wearing something at some point as she is holding a skimpy piece of cloth in a strategic position to cover her modesty. Or perhaps she had got wet from some rain and as a result had used a cloth to dry herself. What is certain is that her umbrella seems more robust than that of Ms Fenty. Conversely, if she does get wet, she would presumably dry more quickly.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna Umberella This second revision of the cover is unusual for many reasons. Firstly, the girl pictured seems to think that walking naked in the snow in high heels is a good idea. Actually there are several schools of though on this issue and whilst some argue that it is just plain stupid to be out in freezing and icy conditions in high heels, others argue that the stiletto heel can penetrate snow and provide additional grip (as crampons do for climbers on icy mountains). Secondly, most people tend not to use umbrellas in the snow. It's not that they don't work, just that people forget that snow melts and is just frozen rain. In this respect she is perhaps quite sensible. The fact that the rim of her umbrella matches her shoes is a nice touch. The fact that she is almost completely naked in a park full of snow demonstrates, on the other hand, that she is clearly missing something - and not just her clothes. She will catch a nasty chill like that.

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Baby It's Cold Outside - Various Artists 

Original Cover Artwork of Baby Its Cold Outside A seasonal classic, written as long ago as 1944, Baby It's Cold Outside has been performed and recorded by a long string of artists most notably:
  • Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer (1949)
  • Dean Martin (1959)
  • Ray Charles and Betty Carter (1961)
  • Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (2004)
Very few pieces of original album art exist (and some versions were only released on compilation albums) and so this 'knitted sweater' design has been used as the basis for a re-work of this chilly tune.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Baby Its Cold Outside The revised version stays with the knitted sweater idea but instead of a cosy 'warm inside' version, this one is most definitely 'cold outside'. The lady in the picture appears to be wearing nothing but a furry hat but is thankfully protected from the harsh chill of the cold by a furry jacket that she appears to be sitting on. How she got into this predicament, heavens only knows but presumably if she felt the cold she wouldn't have got like this in the first place. She can always put the furry jacket back on again, though without any trousers or other garments, it is unlikely to provide sufficient warmth. Perhaps her charming looks have an exothermic reaction with the surrounding snow. Or maybe not.

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Let It Snow! - Michael Bublé 

Original Cover Artwork of Let It Snow Michael Buble As Christmas approaches, attention is increasingly being turned to those old festive crackers. The cover for Canadian crooner Michael Bublé's 2003 EP 'Let It Snow!' has to be one of the least inventive pieces of album art for a Christmas song that has ever been produced. Remember that the song on which the title is based includes the line 'the weather outside is frightful', whilst the cover is all sparkly and icy and nice. There is no indication that the snowflakes will lead to frightful weather conditions. Added to this, Mr Bublé's smooth voice, the ensuing mood is more one of 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire', though presumably if Mr Bublé's chestnuts did roast on said fire, his voice might not be quite so smooth.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Let It Snow Michael Buble Speaking of festive crackers and frightful weather, the girl here on the revised cover certainly does appear to be in inclement, snowy, weather conditions. Of course it goes without saying that if you insist on calling yourself 'Michael Booob-lay' when, in reality, your name would more averagely be pronounced 'Michael Bubb-ler' you will inevitably become the butt of boob gags. Sadly, at AllBum.Art, such a temptation was too much to resist and the lady on the front of the new cover is definitely and definitively more deserving of the title 'Boob-lay' than the erstwhile crooner from Canada.

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