Sealegs - The Shins 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Shins Sealegs Original Cover Artwork of The Shins Sealegs What would you expect to see on the front artwork of a single called Sealegs? Perhaps you might expect to see the sea, and possibly a some legs? No, not according to The Shins. What you find on the original cover is some kind of sea-urchin related drawing. On the remix everything returns to normal as you can see the sea, and a pair of legs. Why the legs concerned are lying down with nothing but a pair of stockings to cover them remains a mystery. Shingle!
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Grab A Hold - Cyndi Lauper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cyndi Lauper Grab A Hold Original Cover Artwork of Cyndi Lauper Grab A Hold Another remix for pop weirdness Cyndi Lauper, in the form of Grab A Hold. On the original single front cover artwork we find Ms Lauper in one of her landmark costumes, resembling an iced donut with legs. On the remix we find a red-haired babe whose stance seems to suggest that she is offering us to grab a hold. Of her necklace of course. What were you thinking? Sparkle!
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Crawl - Chris Brown 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chris Brown Crawl Original Cover Artwork of Chris Brown Crawl Chris Brown brings us a song called Crawl. The front cover, though, seems more of an attempt at the seven ages of man. Then again, the first drawing on the single artwork is of a baby crawling. The remix does away with all the attempts to emulate Richard Smirke and instead we just find a babe (not a baby) crawling along the floor. She is no doubt following Mr Brown's instructions. Time to get up and dance, now, everybody. Factory!
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Street Life - Beenie Man 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beenie Man Street Life Original Cover Artwork of Beenie Man Street Life Another song whose title is Street Life, this time from Beenie Man. On the original single front cover artwork we can see Mr Davis (for that is his name) standing around with what looks like a microphone cable slung over his shoulder. Very down with the street sounds. On the remix we find a babe who is lying down on the pavement wearing nothing much. She seems full enough of life, and she's on a street, so that gives her the edge over the original cover. That is, after all, why AllBum.Art is here. Boulevard!
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Seaside - The Kooks 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kooks Seaside Original Cover Artwork of Kooks Seaside Continuing the nautical theme, here is Seaside by The Kooks. On the original single cover artwork we find the band sitting around playing their guitars, and the drummer in the background. Are they at the seaside? It's impossible to tell. On the remix is a babe who is standing in the sea, by some rocks, so is definitely at the seaside. It seems she may have taken a dip in the ocean in her dress, as it's gotten all wet, though her make-up appears oddly intact. Beachballs!
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Girl And The Sea - The Presets 

Cover Artwork Remix of Presets Girl And The Sea Original Cover Artwork of Presets Girl And The Sea The Girl And The Sea. What could be simpler for a designer of the front cover artwork for this single by The Presets to illustrate. So how the devil did he, or she, come up with a wrestler and a forest? The remix fixes this completely. All that is pictured on the remixed artwork is a girl, standing by the sea. Nothing else. A girl, and the sea. Could it have been any easier? Rockpool!
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Candy - Paulo Nutini 

Cover Artwork Remix of Paolo Nutini Candy Original Cover Artwork of Paolo Nutini Candy Ah yes, Candy. Nothing says candy as much as black and white photo of Paulo Nutini holding a guitar and sitting in front of some old buildings. At least that's what those who designed the original single cover artwork thought. On the remix is a happy. smiling blonde babe wearing a bikini made of candy. Now isn't that both far simpler, and much more to the point? Sweets!
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Live Twice - Darius 

Cover Artwork Remix of Darius Live Twice Original Cover Artwork of Darius Live Twice How often do you live? A famous British secret agent said that you only Live Twice, and it seems that British singer Darius would agree with him. On the original single front cover artwork we find just a picture of the lead singer. No sign of death or resurrection. On the remix we find two babes and a skeleton. Which is living twice is a mystery, but for certain the two babes are living once. Are those real? A different question. Latex!
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Evil - Interpol 

Original Cover Artwork of Interpol Evil Cover Artwork Remix of Interpol Evil Cover Artwork Remix of Interpol Evil
Another triple-play from us good folk at in the form of an Evil remix of Interpol. The original single cover artwork is, to put it mildly, boring. Our first remix has a ghoulish goth standing with her loopy lantern and is far more evil. The final shows a babe with horns, which makes her about as evil as it is possible to get, unless she also had a forked tongue too. Antler!
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Alone Tonight - Above And Beyond 

Cover Artwork Remix of Above Beyond Alone Tonight Original Cover Artwork of Above Beyond Alone Tonight Like the cover artwork for many dance singles, Above And Beyond have made no effort to enhance listening pleasure through trying to describe Alone Tonight in graphical terms. The remix does a much better job as we find a babe standing alone at night (though paradoxically there must have been someone there taking the photo). Given the shortness of her skirt it seems unlikely she will remain alone for long. Bridges!
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