Only Four You - Mary Jane Girls 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mary Jane Girls Only Four You Original Cover Artwork of Mary Jane Girls Only Four You The Mary Jane Girls are All Four You and on the original album cover artwork all four of them are visible and are posing for you. Thumbs up here for their effort. On the remix are four different babes who are not only for you, but are showing their love four you by making a heart shape with their arms and their hands. Oh, and they're doing it whilst naked, what could express their love for four you too. Beach!
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Camouflage - Rod Stewart 

Cover Artwork Remix of Rod Stewart Camouflage Original Cover Artwork of Rod Stewart Camouflage Another singer who sings about Camouflage is Rod Stewart. The original album front cover artwork shows Mr Stewart looking very 1980s with his bouffant hair and his ear piercing. He isn't very well hidden though. On the remix is a babe who was wearing camouflage, but seems to have decided that by unbuttoning it, she might somehow be less visible if she took it off. Given her shiny lipstick is shining like the landing lights on a 747, this seems to be an odd decision. Cherry!
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She's So Unusual - Cyndi Lauper 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cyndi Lauper Shes So Unusual Original Cover Artwork of Cyndi Lauper Shes So Unusual She's So Unusual, Cyndi Lauper, that is. Of that there could be little doubt. As if to illustrate her unusualness, on the original album cover artwork we can see Ms Lauper kicking off her heels and dancing in one of her crazy dresses. On the remix is a babe who is, potentially, more unusual than that. She is wearing blue scales, is carrying a ray gun and has two antennae on her head. From this angle, we can only hope that she is a she, but we know that she is so unusual. Cadet!
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Naked To The World - Teena Marie 

Cover Artwork Remix of Teena Marie Naked To The World Original Cover Artwork of Teena Marie Naked To The World Teena Marie tells us that she is Naked To The World. But on the original cover artwork for her album and single of the same name, she is clearly fully clothed, not naked. And where is the world to be found? On the remix is a babe who is naked and what's more, she is standing in front of a large crowd of people who we shall, for the sake of this remix, call the world at large. Unlike the original artist, she is then naked to the world, and sanity has been restored. Pavement!
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Pinky Blue - Altered Images 

Cover Artwork Remix of Altered  Pinky Blue Original Cover Artwork of Altered  Pinky Blue We have to give credit where it's due to Altered Images. The original album front cover artwork for Pinky Blue, other than the small picture of the band in the bottom right hand corner (having pink and blue confetti dropped on them), is very pink, and blue. This color scheme has been carried over to the remix where we see a babe wearing a mask with ears, who is nothing if not very pink and very blue, with a little purple here and there for good measure. She may also have her bra on back to front. Crimson!
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Strictly Business - EPMD 

Cover Artwork Remix of Epmd Strictly Business Original Cover Artwork of Epmd Strictly Business Strictly Business is both an album and a single by EPMD. The original cover artwork shows the two band members lazing about in their recording studio. A nice touch is that they are wearing matching black and white sweat-shirts. The remix is much more business-like, as we find a mature babe in the office with sales charts behind her. It looks as if sales are doing badly, so she has resorted to wearing only lingerie as an encouragement to buy whatever it is they are selling. Sold!
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I Feel For You - Chaka Khan 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chaka Khan I Feel For You Original Cover Artwork of Chaka Khan I Feel For You I Feel For You by Chaka Khan is both an album and a single. The original front cover artwork provides an 80s stylized drawing of the face and hand of Ms Khan, her hand, in some interpretations, could be feeling her face. On the remix we find someone feeling someone else, or is it the same person feeling themselves? Do they feel for you, or are they feeling for me, or even them? It's not that clear, so perhaps sticking to the original cover picture is less uncertain times. Ice cream!
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Fisherman's Blues - The Waterboys 

Cover Artwork Remix of Waterboys Fishermans Blues Original Cover Artwork of Waterboys Fishermans Blues Fisherman's Blues was both an album and a single for The Waterboys back in the late 1980s. The original front cover artwork shows the band members playing their instruments. Maybe they are playing the blues. Maybe they are fishermen. On the remix, a babe wearing a blue bikini stands at a fishing dock. No doubt the fishermen who have to to to sea get the blues that they can't stand around and ogle. Cast off!
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In Search Of The Crack - The Crack 

Cover Artwork Remix of The Crack In Search Of The Crack Original Cover Artwork of The Crack In Search Of The Crack The Crack are, apparently, In Search Of The Crack. Finding themselves is it now then? Well anyway, the original album cover artwork shows a drawing of the band members standing by the doorway of a place called the Ill Eagle, in which a showgirl is standing. Is that the crack that they are seeking? On the remix, two babes are searching for each other's cracks, though given how much fuzz is covering up their cracks, they may have a bit of a job on their (or in their) hands. Craic!
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Give Me The Night - Fausto Papetti 

Cover Artwork Remix of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Original Cover Artwork of Fausto Papetti Give Me The Night Those crazy Europeans and their kinky album covers. Here, Fausto Papetti shows us how if you Give Me The Night, in return you can expect a naked babe wearing high heels to blow bubbles around on the original cover artwork. There's not much we, here at AllBum.Art could improve upon, but we like to try. The remix shows an equally naked babe in high heels, but she hasn't got any bubbles to blow. Maybe this is the first time the remix is less good than the original?
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