Julie's Sixteenth Birthday - John Bult 

Cover Artwork Remix of John Bult Julies 16th Birthday Original Cover Artwork of John Bult Julies 16th Birthday There is something distinctly creepy about the original single cover artwork for Julie's Sixteenth Birthday by John Bult. This stems from the fact that some old bearded dude is holding the hand of what can only be Julie across a table. Maybe he is here pop, but maybe not. The remix just adds to the creepiness as we find two old bearded dudes, one with beer, who seem to be swimming with Julie who is now devoid of clothing. Eww!

Only Four You - Mary Jane Girls 

Cover Artwork Remix of Mary Jane Girls Only Four You Original Cover Artwork of Mary Jane Girls Only Four You The Mary Jane Girls are All Four You and on the original album cover artwork all four of them are visible and are posing for you. Thumbs up here for their effort. On the remix are four different babes who are not only for you, but are showing their love four you by making a heart shape with their arms and their hands. Oh, and they're doing it whilst naked, what could express their love for four you too. Beach!
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To Cut A Long Story Short - Spandau Ballet 

Cover Artwork Remix of Spandau Ballet To Cut A Long Story Short Original Cover Artwork of Spandau Ballet To Cut A Long Story Short How many times has someone begun a story with the phrase To Cut A Long Story Short, and then gone on to talk for hours giving every last detail of some really boring tale? Well it seems as if Spandau Ballet were so bored that for the original single front cover artwork that all they put on it, other than a fancy border, was the name of the band and the title of the song. On the remix we have a babe who has cut her t-shirt a little short. There is a long story about why she did this but to cut a long story short, she got bored with a pair of scissors. Chop!

Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins 

Cover Artwork Remix of Thompson Twins Hold Me Now Original Cover Artwork of Thompson Twins Hold Me Now Hold Me Now, hold you now, hold me before, hold you again, none of this helps when the original single front cover artwork by The Thomson Twinsjust shows the three band members not touching, let alone holding, anyone or anything. And they clearly are not twins either. On the remix, two twins (or is that one set of twins?) are standing next to each other, holding each other. Is it now, before or again? Then or thereafter? Does it matter when the twins are wearing nothing but their high heel sandals? Ukraine!
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Covers - Everything But The Girl 

Cover Artwork Remix of Ebtg Covers Original Cover Artwork of Ebtg Covers Everything But The Girl (or EBTG as they're sometimes monikered) bring us an EP of Covers. The original Covers cover artwork covers the essentials: the name of the band, the title of the EP, and the names of the songs they are covering. On the remix we find a girl who is everything but covered, though she is covered by a small black dress. That about covers it for today's remix, or doesn't cover it if you're the girl on the remixed cover of Covers. Clear!
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Skirt - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Skirt Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Skirt Skirt is both an album and a single by Kylie Minogue. The original single front cover artwork shows Ms Minogue standing between a sunny window and a billowing curtain in a short dress and high heels. Is that a skirt she is wearing, that much is not 100% clear. On the remix we find a young babe who is definitely wearing a skirt, as opposed to a dress, as you can see. Mind you, with a skirt that short, it might be better called a belt. Narrow!
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The Jean Genie - David Bowie 

Cover Artwork Remix of David Bowie The Jean Genie Original Cover Artwork of David Bowie The Jean Genie Another remix for David Bowie. On the original single cover artwork for The Jean Genie you will find Mr Bowie in a flowery shirt, white boots and what look like white trousers. These might have been classed as jeans in the 1970s but they looks suspiciously unlike any jeans we have seen. On the remix is a babe wearing jeans, or what's left of them. She seems to have been mauled by a goat, or perhaps a genie, and as well as ripping her jeans, she seems to have lost her shirt too. Torn!
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Good Times - Chic 

Cover Artwork Remix of Chic Good Times Original Cover Artwork of Chic Good Times Nothing beats a bit of Chic when it comes to Good Times, but based on the original single front cover artwork, you wouldn't think that the band were actually having much of a good time, as they stand around looking rather unhappy. On the remix we find a bunch of babes who are definitely having a good time and who knows, the kind of party they seem to be at is exactly the kind of place that you might hear a retro 70s disco classic like this. Vintage!
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The Chinese Way - Level 42 

Cover Artwork Remix of Level 4 The Chinese Way Original Cover Artwork of Level 42 The Chinese Way Having taken lessons in love from Level 42, let us allow them to instruct us on what The Chinese Way is. On the original single cover artwork, our learning is that the Chinese way is to look vaguely afro-american but wear a red hat and carry a fan with some Chinese characters on it. On the remix, provided to you by AllBum.Art, we learn more about the Chinese way, which appears to be to walk through ancient doorways wearing high heels and pantyhose. Inscrutable!
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Dreaming Of Me - Depeche Mode 

Cover Artwork Remix of Depeche Mode Dreaming Of Me Original Cover Artwork of Depeche Mode Dreaming Of Me Back in March 2016, we had a whole week of Depeche Mode remixes, but that doesn't stop us dropping a few new ones in the mix from time to time. Today it is the original single front cover artwork for Dreaming Of Me that hits the news-stands. On the original cover we find a babe with a long pony-tail in some kind of house of mirrors. Maybe it is a dream. On the remix we find a babe who we are certain, if she asked the question 'are you dreaming of me?', there would be many folk who would wish to immediately fall into a sleepy state and allow their thoughts to be taken into her realm. Slumber!
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