Hidden Agenda - Craig David 

Cover Artwork Remix of Craig David Hidden Agenda Original Cover Artwork of Craig David Hidden Agenda What, precisely, is Craig David's Hidden Agenda? Is it, perhaps, his denim jacket? Is it, maybe, his goatee beard? Or is it, possibly, his silly winter hat? The original single cover artwork leaves you guessing. On the remix we are presented with a babe who we have to presume has a hidden agenda (otherwise she wouldn't be on the front cover of the single). What is her hidden agenda? That is for you to work out, though there isn't that much to work out as her agenda is not that well hidden. Revelation!
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Danger High Voltage - Electric Six 

Cover Artwork Remix of Electric Six Danger High Voltage Original Cover Artwork of Electric Six Danger High Voltage Danger, Danger Will Robinson. Oops, not not that one. Try Danger, Danger High Voltage, for that is what Electric Six are warning us about. The original single and album cover does this through the extensive use of the color orange, including a moody orange glitter-ball. The remixed artwork does this through placing a topless babe next to a danger sign at an electricity sub-station. Which has the highest danger factor is for you to decide. Tangerine!
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Acceptable In The 80s - Calvin Harris 

Original Cover Artwork of Calvin Harris Acceptable In The 80s Cover Artwork Remix of Calvin Harris Acceptable In The 80s Cover Artwork Remix of Calvin Harris Acceptable In The 80s

A triple-play from Calvin Harris and his track Acceptable In The 80s. Apparently what it was that was acceptable before 1990, according to the original single cover artwork, was blobby orange sunglasses and a video game type font. Not very informative is it. On the first remix we see a babe holding an 80s classic, the Rubik's Cube. And on the second remix is a babe whose hairiness would be acceptable in the 80s, but today is uncommon and a little outdated. And although the Rubik's cube is having a bit of a revival, we home that hairiness might remain lost in the past. Fizz Buzz!
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Flying - Bryan Adams 

Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Adams Flying Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Adams Flying Just when we thought we couldn't find any more songs about flying, Alberta, our resident expert on all things Canada points out Flying by Canadian rock legent Bryan Adams. On the original cover of the groover from Vancouver's single, we find an airborne electric guitar. On the remix, we find two babes waiting patiently for the pilot of their aircraft to arrive, so that they can get airborne and do some flying. Quite why they are both naked and wearing frizzy wigs is less clear. Maybe they misinterpreted the pilot's specification for their safety gear? Landing strip!
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Bubblin' - Blue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Blue Bubblin Original Cover Artwork of Blue Bubblin A song called Bubblin' (with the missing 'g' at the end to make it sound more sexy) can easily be spoiled by a poor single cover. And the original artwork shows nothing more than the band members for the artist Blue. They aren't bubblin' in any way - with or without the 'g'. On the remix is a mature babe who is sitting in a bubblin(g) bath of some kind, or maybe a hot-tub. It is to be hoped that the bubbles are artificial and not a product of something she has eaten. Donald!
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About Your Dress - The Maccabees 

Cover Artwork Remix of Maccabees About Your Dress Original Cover Artwork of Maccabees About Your Dress What is it that is About Your Dress? If The Maccabees are trying to help us answer this question, it would seem that it would be a dress which is made from a pair of curtains and is designed on a frilly 19th century pair of galoshes, or something. Anyway, the remix tells us that what it is that is about someone's dress is that it is a red dress that has been taken off and hung on the rung of some stairs, leaving the wearer in nothing but red high heels. And carrying a glass of wine. Nipple!
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Hey Good Lookin' - Jimmy Buffett 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jimmy Buffett Hey Good Lookin Original Cover Artwork of Jimmy Buffett Hey Good Lookin It's always nice to receive a submission to AllBum.Art from someone new. This remix of Hey Good Lookin' by Jimmy Buffett (and his friends Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and George Strait) was sent from the Netherlands. On the original single cover artwork you can see Mr Buffett smiling with his guitar. On the remix we find a busty babe in a cowboy hat and jeans. According to the submitter, Jimmy Buffett wasn't good lookin' enough to grace the cover. We couldn't agree more. Rodeo!
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How To Be Dead - Snow Patrol 

Cover Artwork Remix of Snow Patrol How To Be Dead Original Cover Artwork of Snow Patrol How To Be Dead It's an interesting question, isn't it, How To Be Dead. Let's turn to Snow Patrol for some advice on this. According to the original single front cover artwork, to be dead requires an old chair, a lamp-stand and an old television sitting on a creaky old cabinet, all in an icy mountain pool. It's an interesting take on the notion of being dead, but on the remix, how to be dead is illustrated by a woman wearing a latex dress, lying down in what looks like a coffin. This is a very different view on how to be dead, but maybe more realistic. Gloves!
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Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols 

Cover Artwork Remix of Joe Nichols Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Original Cover Artwork of Joe Nichols Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off If ever there should be an obvious piece of cover artwork, it's for Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off by Joe Nichols. Surely the cover should show a babe who has been drinking tequila whose clothes have fallen off? No, the original artwork just shows Mr Nichols lounging around. The remix shows a babe... who has been drinking... whose clothes have fallen off. Could it possibly have been any more simple than that? Margarita!

Caught Up - Usher 

Cover Artwork Remix of Usher Caught Up Original Cover Artwork of Usher Caught Up Usher is all Caught Up, poor fella. Then again maybe he isn't that poor given that on the original single front cover artwork, the thing he seems caught up on is a group of sexy dancing girls. On the remix, it seems that one of the girls has caught up her panties on her high heels as she was taking them off. She is ushering in a new era in really obvious and pointless remixes, then again, that is what AllBum.It is all about. Oik!
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