4 - Beyoncé 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beyonce 4 Original Cover Artwork of Beyonce 4 It might seem straightforward to you and me, but clearly to Beyoncé, counting to 4 seems to have eluded her. On the original album front cover artwork there is unquestionably just 1, even if you count those aspects of Ms Knowles' body that there are 2 of, it doesn't make 4. On the remix there are, let's count together, 1, 2, 3, 4 babes. Cuatro. Vier. Четыре. Apat. Of course, it would be wrong to expect Ms Knowles to know 4 in Russian, but surely she can count in English. Erbgħa!
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High Heels And Sneakers - Tess Henley 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tess Henley High Heels And Sneakers Original Cover Artwork of Tess Henley High Heels And Sneakers So a gold star for Tess Henley. Why? Because on the original front cover artwork of her album High Heels And Sneakers, we find a drawing of Ms Henley with one foot in sneakers and the other in high heels. Whether she is swapping from high heels to sneakers, or vice versa, we can not tell. On the remix is a babe who is definitely wearing high heels. There is something sneaky looking about her too. She's up to no good and of that there can be little doubt. Sneaky peak!

Lemonade - Beyoncé 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beyonce Lemonade Original Cover Artwork of Beyonce Lemonade A refreshing glass of Lemonade, what could be nicer? So it may come as some surprise that on the original album artwork by Beyoncé no such refreshment is visible. Overall, the original feel of the album is anything but refreshing. On the remixed artwork all of this has been resolved, and we find a babe slurping healthily on a glass of pink lemonade which does look like it would refresh even the weariest soul. Suck!
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Naked - Dev And Enrique Iglesias 

Cover Artwork Remix of Dev Enrique Iglesias Naked Original Cover Artwork of Dev Enrique Iglesias Naked Whilst we're on the subject, here are another two stars who have failed to understand the meaning of the word Naked. Dev (whose song Dancing Shoes is one of the highest ranked remixes according to the AllBum.Art statistics) and Enrique Iglesias also appear fully clothed on the original single front cover artwork. The remix resolves this problem as a mature babe is undressing whilst a guy sits next to her and watches. How she expects to get her pantyhose off without taking her red high heels off is a puzzle we don't get to solve. Sofa!
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Skirt - Kylie Minogue 

Cover Artwork Remix of Kylie Minogue Skirt Original Cover Artwork of Kylie Minogue Skirt Skirt is both an album and a single by Kylie Minogue. The original single front cover artwork shows Ms Minogue standing between a sunny window and a billowing curtain in a short dress and high heels. Is that a skirt she is wearing, that much is not 100% clear. On the remix we find a young babe who is definitely wearing a skirt, as opposed to a dress, as you can see. Mind you, with a skirt that short, it might be better called a belt. Narrow!
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To The Sea - Jack Johnson 

Cover Artwork Remix of Jack Johnson To The Sea Original Cover Artwork of Jack Johnson To The Sea To The Sea is both the name of a single and an album by Jack Johnson as we keep the seaside theme going. On the original front cover, someone has made a strange construction which, it is just possible, is some kind of mechanism for getting to the sea. On the remix, no contraptions are necessary as we find ourselves already at the sea, sharing a splash of water with a bikini clad babe. Wave!
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Take Me Home - One Direction 

Cover Artwork Remix of One Direction Take Me Home Original Cover Artwork of One Direction Take Me Home One Direction seem to think that climbing onto a red telephone box in some way represents the title of their album Take Me Home. On the face of it, there would seem to be no connection between the two. The remixed album artwork, however, explains their keenness as we discover that a sexy babe is standing inside the phone box. Maybe they intend to take her, and the whole box home, but it would clearly have been easier just to take the babe and leave the box where it is. Payphone!
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Ready To Dare - AnnaGrace 

Cover Artwork Remix of Annagrace Ready To Dare Original Cover Artwork of Annagrace Ready To Dare We always welcome user submissions at AllBum.Art so we were pleased to receive this from Bart De Haan from Belgium. Bart says:
AnnaGrace is ready to dare in her dress, but on the remix, the lady is more daring without the dress.

We see where you're coming from Bart. Thank you for the remix and keep them coming. Sprout!
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Horses And High Heels - Marianne Faithfull 

Cover Artwork Remix of Marianne Faithfull Horses And High Heels Original Cover Artwork of Marianne Faithfull Horses And High Heels When Marianne Faithfull starts singing about Horses And High Heels, you know you are in for a doozy of an album cover. On the original artwork there is a horse, and next to it some red high heels, so full marks for that. Why both are on a beach and no-one is wearing the high heels is somewhat unknown. On the remix we find a babe wearing high heels, sitting on a horse. It couldn't get any simpler. Fishnet!
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The Cookbook - Missy Elliot 

Cover Artwork Remix of Missy Elliott The Cookbook Original Cover Artwork of Missy Elliott The Cookbook What could illustrate The Cookbook better on the front cover artwork of an album than having Missy Elliott standing in front of an old school microphone in black and white, and with the Betsy Ross flag behind her? Well, how's about an actual cookbook? That is what the remix offers us, a babe wearing a diamond necklace, holding a cookbook and eating string. It's not clear why she would want to do any of these things, let along together. String theory!
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