Summer Jam - The Underdog Project 

Cover Artwork Remix of Underdog Project Summer Jam Original Cover Artwork of Underdog Project Summer Jam The way we see things, there are two possible definitions of what a Summer Jam might be:
  • A sticky, sweet conserve made from summer fruit and sugar.
  • A traffic jam taking place around July or August.
The original single front cover artwork for this song by The Underdog Project shows neither of these. So it is a good job that the remix helps, and we can determine with some certainty that it is the traffic-related definition which seems the most correct. Sticky!
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Underwear Goes Inside The Pants - Lazy-B 

Cover Artwork Remix of Lazy B Underwear Goes Inside The Pants Original Cover Artwork of Lazy B Underwear Goes Inside The Pants It is correct, that Underwear Goes Inside The Pants, and in this respect Lazy B is not incorrect. The original single cover artwork, on the other hand, makes no attempt to illustrate what happens if you don't follow this time-honored role. The remix assists by showing a babe who has not grasped the whole underwear under the pants concept as she does not appear to have any underwear under her pants at all. Cheeky!

Irresistible - Cathy Dennis 

Cover Artwork Remix of Cathy Dennis Irresistible Original Cover Artwork of Cathy Dennis Irresistible What a clever play on words Cathy Dennis has going on, with her single Irresistible, as it is taken from her album whose title is The Irresistible Cathy Dennis. On the original single cover artwork we see Ms Dennis hiding behind some blue ribbon, and looking appetizing, if not necessarily irresistible. On the remix we find a babe who is definitely appetizing, and verging on the irresistible, if tousled hair and derelict buildings are your thing. War-torn!
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Feel Good - Phats And Small 

Cover Artwork Remix of Phats And Small Feel Good Original Cover Artwork of Phats And Small Feel Good Phats And Small Feel Good, or at least that's what the title of their song would have us believe. This is ably illustrated on the original single front cover artwork by having the name of the band, and the title of the song, clear - yes, but interesting - no. On the remix is a babe who is having a good feel, of her own chest. Does it feel good? Only she can say. Does it look good? It certainly looks promising, as the rest of her body seems in good shape. Aloud!
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Inside Out - Odyssey 

Cover Artwork Remix of Odyssey Inside Out Original Cover Artwork of Odyssey Inside Out Odyssey have lots of songs that can be related in various ways to clothing. Today it is the turn of their song Inside Out. On the original single cover artwork we find three band members looking very 'the right way around' instead of the converse. On the remix is a babe who has put on her t-shirt inside out, and is now correcting this by taking if off and, presumably, putting it back on again. It may be her bra is also not on properly, as it is a little see-through. Wink!
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Head Over Heels - The Go-go's 

Cover Artwork Remix of Gogos Head Over Heels Original Cover Artwork of Gogos Head Over Heels There are a surprising number of songs that are about being Head Over Heels, several of which we, at AllBum.Art have remixed. Today is is the turn of The Go-Go's version. You could not fail to miss the name of the band on the original single front cover artwork, emblazoned as it is, in garish 80's colors. The title of the song is tucked away at the top, but equally visible. But no head, and no heels. On the remix a babe has her head over her heels, but also her ass is over her head, and as for the rest of her body, it's all over the place. Stretch!
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Let It Rain - Tinchy Stryder Featuring Melanie Fiona 

Cover Artwork Remix of Tinchy Stryder Let It Rain Original Cover Artwork of Tinchy Stryder Let It Rain Tinchy Stryder (is that even a real name) is Featuring Melanie Fiona and together they are going to Let It Rain. This is clear from the original single front cover artwork, because, well, it's purple. On the remix, it is much clearer as we find a babe standing underneath her umbrella which is a shade of Stryder Purple (as we shall now call it). It's good job she is carrying her umbrella as if it is let to rain she would otherwise get very wet. Forest!
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High Enough - Damn Yankees 

Cover Artwork Remix of Damn Yankees High Enough Original Cover Artwork of Damn Yankees High Enough What is High Enough for the Damn Yankees? If the original single front cover artwork is our spirit guide, what is high enough is just to repeat the words 'high enough' several times. The remix shows a babe who is waling around in a pair of boots whose heels are high enough for anyone, in fact they are so high, she has had to duck down to avoid hitting her head on the metal structure that is above her. She should be careful not to trip. Down!
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4 - Beyoncé 

Cover Artwork Remix of Beyonce 4 Original Cover Artwork of Beyonce 4 It might seem straightforward to you and me, but clearly to Beyoncé, counting to 4 seems to have eluded her. On the original album front cover artwork there is unquestionably just 1, even if you count those aspects of Ms Knowles' body that there are 2 of, it doesn't make 4. On the remix there are, let's count together, 1, 2, 3, 4 babes. Cuatro. Vier. Четыре. Apat. Of course, it would be wrong to expect Ms Knowles to know 4 in Russian, but surely she can count in English. Erbgħa!
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Light A Candle - Daniel O'Donnell 

Cover Artwork Remix of Daniel O Donnell Light A Candle Original Cover Artwork of Daniel O Donnell Light A Candle Light A Candle (To Start A New Dawn), is what Daniel O'Donnell is instructing people to do. To help us envisage this, Mr O'Donnell stands around on the original front cover artwork in a white suit and black shirt with his hands in his pockets. Maybe he has a lighter in his pockets. On the remix we find a babe who appears to have lit a number of candles. She also doesn't have pockets, so she can be hiding lighters in them. In fact she has no clothes to hide anything in. Wick!
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