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      • Walking All Over My Love - Judy Cheeks
        Judy Cheeks is Walking All Over My Love with Fascination. To illustrate this, the original front cover artwork of her single shows Ms Cheeks in a sparkly dress and it also appears that one of her fingers has the ability to sparkle too. On the remix, a babe is simply walking away. She may be walki

      • Metal Fighter - Mass
        Here's an interesting album cover from Mass. The original artwork shows a gothic looking babe wearing stiletto heel boots standing on top of an alien. Perhaps the metal is in the whip she is holding in her hand. On the remix, the alien has taken back control and the babe seems to have been d

      • Awfully Deep - Roots Manuva
        What aspect of the original front cover artwork for Awfully Deep by Roots Manuva is Awfully Deep? Is it that the courtroom scene pictured, was in a room that is fifteen stories underground. Or is it that the scene is metaphorically deep in some psychological way? Meh. The remix simply shows a ba

      • Queen Of Chinatown - Amanda Lear
        It is uncertain on what basis Amanda Lear proclaims herself Queen Of Chinatown. If the front cover artwork is to be believed, all that is necessary is to sit cross-legged on the floor in red boots and a black body suit. The remix does away with the boots, replacing them with yellow stilettos, and

      • Higher Than Hope - Daryl Braithwaite
        The remix for Higher Than Hope by Daryl Braithwaite bears a striking resemblance to that of High by The Cure from two days ago. First let us consider the original single front cover artwork which just shows Mr Briathwaite standing around with his hands in his pockets. The remix shows a babe whose

      • Taking Off - The Cure
        Another remix for indie rockers The Cure, this time for their single Taking Off. The original front cover artwork looks as if it has been drawn by a four-year-old and represents a cow wearing a yellow cape, eating forbidden cherries under a spidery orange sun. The only thing taking off is your ima

      • High - The Cure
        The Cure are High. Maybe that isn't unexpected for an indie rock band. The original single front cover artwork does nothing to dispel this myth with a drawing of a pschetschuan morn-kepp (we have no idea what it really is, but this seemed as good a name as anything). On the remix is a babe wh

      • Magic Hotel - Toploader
        What goes on in a Magic Hotel? Toploader are going to show us. According to the original front cover artwork for their album, a magic hotel is nothing more than a rundown school bus against which you can lean. Nothing magic about that. On the remix is a babe standing in the corridor of a differe

      • Sit On It - Jimmy Smith
        What can you see on the original front cover artwork for the album Sit On It by Jimmy Smith? It looks like a babe sitting on an electronic piano, or an organ as some might call it. On the remix is a different babe sitting on a piano stool, next to an analog piano, not an electronic one, nor an org

      • Invasion Of Your Privacy - Ratt
        An Invasion Of Your Privacy, that is what Ratt are illustrating on the original front cover artwork of their album. The privacy being invaded is that of a young babe who is putting on (or taking off) her socks in her bedroom. On the remix we find a babe and her man whose privacy has been invaded b

      • Come Softly - Barooga Bandit
        Come softly, go softly, even stand around doing nothing softly, whichever is your preference, it is the turn of Barooga Bandit to educate us how to do things in a soft way. From the original album cover artwork, it would seem that the prime thing required, is a pair of short-shorts and a bow. On t

      • Monokini - Stereo Total
        What is a Monokini? Let's turn to the original album cover artwork by Stereo Total to find out. It would seem to be, as far as is visible, hidden. The babe on the front cover is sitting in such a way that she is hiding her monokini, bikini, trikini or any other kind of kini. The babe on the

      • Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
        Islands In The Stream, that is what we are. But the original front cover artwork for this single by Kenny Rogers And Dolly Parton tells us nothing more than that both artists can smile. Where's the stream, and what about the islands? On the remix we find a babe on an island by some water whi

      • Last Girl On Earth - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
        The Supreme Beings Of Leisure though that the Last Girl On Earth would be sitting in a 1960s pod chair wearing a white tunic. But check again, because on the original single front cover artwork there are two more girls in the background, one in a bikini and the other in a pink dress. So not the la

      • Hands Off... She's Mine - The Beat
        The Beat or The English Beat as they were also known, spared almost no effort whatsoever in preparing the front cover artwork for their single Hands Off... She's Mine. All you can see is the band members and a drawing of a triangular ear-ring wearing babe, though they have not got their hands

      • Invisible - Alison Moyet
        Another song with an invisibility theme, is Invisible by Alison Moyet. On the original single front cover artwork you can see Ms Moyet apparently covered by a see-through material of some kind that is largely invisible, so full points for effort there. On the remix we find a babe who has taken thi

      • Invisible Sun - The Police
        The Police fail badly with the original single artwork for Invisible Sun, primarily because the sun that is depicted on the cover is not invisible, thought it does appear to be made of cheetos. On the remix we find a babe wearing red gloves holding her dress in front of her. Like the supposed sun o

      • Invisible - D-Side
        It's Invisible by Irish boy band D-Side that's being remixed today, and boy does it need it. On the original single cover artwork the band are standing around by a brick wall and the only thing that's vaguely invisible is the writing on the wall. On the remix is a babe who is also l

      • The Cookbook - Missy Elliot
        What could illustrate The Cookbook better on the front cover artwork of an album than having Missy Elliott standing in front of an old school microphone in black and white, and with the Betsy Ross flag behind her? Well, how's about an actual cookbook? That is what the remix offers us, a babe

      • Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys
        What would you know... Today's remix is also for a track titled Larger Than Life, but today it is the turn of the Backstreet Boys. On the original single front cover artwork, we find the band members standing in front of a tree at night. Maybe it is the tree that is larger than life? On the re

      • Larger Than Life - Jody Watley
        Do you know what isn't Larger Than Life? The font on the front cover artwork of the album of that name by Jody Watley. For that matter, there is nothing that is excessively big on the original cover. On the remix we find a babe whose bosom is larger than life. Indeed, they appear to be sever

      • Try Again - Aaliyah
        If at first you don't succeed, try, try, Try Again. At least that is what Aaliyah would have us do. To illustrate this, the original single front cover artwork shows a blurry, monochrome shot of the singer. Definitely worth another attempt! On the remix is a babe trying to catch the attention

      • Try Me Out - Corona
        Corona make an offer that is too interesting not to contemplate. Try Me Out, they propose. To illustrate what is on offer, the original single front cover artwork shows the lead singer flapping her long hair about in a short dress and high heeled boots. Try that out. On the remix we find a babe

      • Turn Back Time - Aqua
        Better known for their annoying song about Barbie, Aqua have decided to Turn Back Time. According to the original single front cover artwork, this will be achieved by lounging around on blow-up clocks of some kind. On the remix we find a babe who is wishing she had one of those clocks to turn back

      • Back To Front - Lionel Richie
        Whichever way you loo at it, Back To Front, or Front To Back, the original cover artwork for this album by Lionel Richie is an affront and at the back. It is useful to contrast this with the remix where two babes have their backs to us, at the front, so to speak, so their backs are to front. It�

      • Thirsty Work - Status Quo
        It is the first of May, known as Labor Day which is all about work. So it seems appropriate, today of all days, to remix an album about Thirsty Work by Status Quo. On the original front cover artwork you will find a bottle of what looks like fizzy water which oddly is full, yet next to it is a gla

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