Submission Guidelines

Published by on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Want to submit your own remixes of album, single or other cover artwork to AllBum.Art? We are always very happy to receive your work, but there are a few guidelines that you should follow.

  • Pictures should ideally be 600 by 600 pixels in size. Larger than this is OK, but unless it is of exceptional quality or relevance, anything smaller is not suitable.
  • Submissions may contain nakedness... but nothing pornographic. A naked girl in a sexy pose is OK. A naked girl with her legs open and her [url= new=true]vulva[/url] on show is not. If in doubt, the 'blur' button is your friend. Think 'erotic', 'titillating' or 'tantalizing' and you should be OK.
  • You relinquish any copyright on any material you wish to publish. No royalties will be paid and you† give the right to anyone and everyone to use your material to spice up their music collection!
To submit your entry, visit the contact page and get in touch, we will take it from there.

† Any income generated from, for example, advertisements shown on the web-site go to it's upkeep.