Published by on Thursday, November 22, 2012

[h1]What is 'AllBum.Art'?[/h1]
AllBum.Art is a crudely conceived, pathetically pointless and clumsily childish attempt to spice up the cover art for albums and singles. With the proliferation of smart phones and music players with HD colour screens, music aficionados are increasingly ensuring that their mp3 collection has the appropriate artwork. Then, when it is played, a nice picture of the original artwork is shown to enhance their listening pleasure.

Some original artwork rewards those who seek it by adding color, spice and pzazz to the listening experience. However a lot of the artwork which comes with the music is rather bland and boring. AllBum.Art intends, using only the most basic of image editing software and skills ('cos that's all that's available) to produce alternative artwork for a range of singles and albums that is more interesting, more lively and more in the way of 'inappropriate' rather than 'appropriate'.

What is 'AllBum.Art'?

The name 'AllBum.Art' is a play on words. On the one hand it is meant to signify that existing 'Album' art is often 'Bum', using the definition of 'Bum' that is defined as of poor quality, bad or wrong (to be fair, much of the alternative artwork on this site would recognize that definition too). On the other hand, much of the alternative album art on the site is rather cheeky in nature and you can expect to see a 'Bum' or two in some of the modified covers, hence 'AllBum.Art' (though technically 'SomeBums.Art' would be more accurate if not less snappy). Unfortunately the domain name 'AllBum.Art' doesn't exist and so as an alternative the domain name 'AllBum.It' is being used instead.

Although the artwork on this site is cheeky in nature and you may see a few bums and tits, it is not, nor does it make any attempt to be, pornographic. If you want something more adult, go somewhere else. No offence is intended by any of the material so please don't take any.

What is 'AllBum.Art'?

AllBum.Art fuses existing album and single covers with sexy, scandalous and silly pictures and photos that are found scattered around the Internet. The result is 'Album Art' that is much more interesting to the naked eye (or is that 'much more naked to the interesting eye') than that which is provided normally.

It is possible that, in putting together 'AllBum.Art' material that is subject to copyright has been used. If anyone or any organization is unhappy with the use of their material in this way, just contact the site and the offending material will be gladly removed or replaced. There is no intention to compromise any copyright or other rights, it's all just a bit of fun.

What is 'AllBum.Art'?

If the above answers don't answer your questions, then why not contact the site with your question and, if there is an answer to your question that it is possible to answer, we will answer it. Alternatively, get out your basic image editing software and fuse your own 'AllBum.Art' and submit it for addition to the collection for the World to see. Who knows, maybe next time you sit next to someone listening to their mp3 player, you might just spot your own work appearing on someone else's screen.